Commander Bacara Cosplay Helmet

Commander Bacara Cosplay Helmet 3D print model

When printing this armour set orientation, splitting, and slicing is up to you. I recommend splitting object with Z-offset in slicer of choice to minimize the need for support structures and maintain cleanliness of the model. If you have a small build area and need to print in chunks I recommend Meshmixer. All files are in .obj format. Most slicers accept this but in case yours cant there are free online tools to convert to .stl. Also keep in mind that you as an individual may have to resize respective to your body type.

UPDATE:I have split the face and dome into seperate pieces and broken up the dome into even more pieces. You can fit the individual pieces onto the space of a CR-10 300mm. The smaller pieces of the dome have small cutouts to fit registration balls into to make the joining process easier.

Do you have the Hollow head for the separated files please. I tried messaging you but got no reply
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First off let me get this straight, The file its self is very good. The reason I have rated Negative is the lock of contact from the seller after 3 attempts to ask the same question. The file comes in 3 states. 1. full hollow helmet un sliced and good to go, ran it through 3d builder as there was something that needed fixing but no big deal, lots of files are like that. still a well designed model. 2. full helmet solid (nowhere to put your head, its capped off at the head hole and visor. 3. Separated helmet, the update that made me jump on this file as splitting this helmet is a pain and would result in loads of extra sanding. So the separated file has a the top dome of the head and the 2 side skirts split in a really nice way with registration balls for a better alignment when putting it all together and the hollow dome for your head to fit in, However when it comes to the face section this is one solid piece and is capped off top, bottom and visor. the hollow head to go with the hollow dome isn't there and due to the point where its split you cant split it yourself from the other file as it is doubled up at the brow so wouldn't fit. In short if your gonna print it full or split yourself as a helmet you can put on and are willing to do the sanding between small deep gaps go for it or if you want a separated head solid that takes up lots of extra filament to go onto a hollow cap that's cool to. Again the model is really nice but the offered separated files do not offer a separated wearable helmet. I hate to leave Negative ratings but fletchasketch3 doesn't seem to respond to customers anymore. And as the listing states resizing to fit body types and is a file for printing this implies its a wearable prop once printed. I really hope this is just an oversite by fletchasketch3 as I really like his models and want to buy more than the couple I already have. But until/if he replies It can't be printed as separated files as he's stated.
Commander Bacara Cosplay Helmet
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Commander Bacara Cosplay Helmet
Royalty Free License 
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