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ICO Dice Box, an awesome gadget for your Board games, RPG's and other games that require you to carry a slick looking set of polyhedral dice!

I own a couple of dice bags, dice boxes and several other gimmicks but to be fair I wanted something more appropriate for storing my dice. I regularly play Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu to name a few and with that in mind I had to come up with an idea of a box that could be used by many players and still be a viable solution on portability and an in game anti-OCD spot to store your dice.

The ICO Dice Box Features

  • It's Icosahedron shape will forever remind you the purpose of it's usage - To be used on gaming session that require many dice!
  • The slots were made to fit and accommodate comfortably various sizes of Polyhedral dices: there's a slot for 2 D20 (Icosahedrons), 1 d12 (Dodecahedron), 2 d10/d100 (Pentagonal Trapezohedron), 1 d8 (Octahedron), 1 d6 (Cube), 1 d4 (Tetrahedron); There is rectangular slot in the middle for extra storage. In here you can store at least 2 standard sized miniatures, an extra dice set or any other gimmicks for your sessions!
  • Once closed the dice will remain on their respective slots even when turbulence happens so, think of it as “Saving your progress” for your next session.
  • The box Lid dimmensions are 122.5 x 140.4 x 34.3mm.
  • The box Bottom part dimmensions are 122.5 x 140.4 x 33.1mm.
  • The closing mechanism uses six 2x6mm magnets on each part of the box providing a very sturdy closing method.
  • The ICO box can be printed without any engravings using the standard version, or you can use my own custom designs inspired by the following classes: Barbarian, Cleric, Ranger, Rogue and Wizard ...(More designs to come in the near future)!
  • Each custom logo comes with an option to Engrave (see diff named files) or Protrude (see union named files) to adapt to your liking.
  • The files are in an .stl format, but in case you need it you have the standard box format in .obj and also.fbx format.

Additional information before & after printing: When you print the files make sure you add magnets to close the box. The ones I used were 6x2mm which are more than enough to hold the box EVEN when holding 2x metallic dice sets, +miniatures! The box in the preview images was my favourite for stability and looks. It wasn't polished (which you definitely can do!), it was printed in a black coloured PLA fillament, the infill was between 20-40%, with a 0.2mm detailing, I used super glue which worked WONDERS for glueing the magnets to the box.

Disclaimer: This design was made by me for your personal use. Please understand that we 3D designers dedicate our time and effort to provide the best product we can. This product may not be commercialized. If there are any doubts about usage and intent of usage please notify me and I'll glady discuss them with you.

Side Note: The preview images you see above are from the 3D model I printed and it's a suggested idea on how to use your box! If you print the model even on a different color or material I'll be super happy to see your beautiful prints! (:

!Updates! Version 1.1 - Adjusted the size of the box! Version 1.2 - Adjusted the size of the magnet holes for better fitting of 6x2mm magnets + minor adjustments Version 1.3 - Added more custom designs: Wizard and Rogue!

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ICO Dice Box
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ICO Dice Box
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  • Publish date2020-10-31
  • Model ID#2682498
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