I present to you MACHIKO NOGUCHI from ALIEN VS PREDATOR, The story behind this character is that Machiko Noguchi is the only Human accepted by the Predators within the Broken Tusk Clan, she was the only survivor after the uncontrolled plague of Aliens on the planet Ruyshi. She received her bleed mark after murdering an Alien Queen. She is a very loved and appreciated character due to her strong ties to Japanese culture, especially the Samurai. Statue of 250 mm, ready for printing by parts, includes stl files. Do not forget to leave a comment and your assessment, it is important to me, I love knowing what you think of the work, in addition to what things could improve. As always, I encourage everyone to show me what you guys do with my MACHIKO's model (photos, videos, etc.). If you are satisfied with my statue, I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave a decent review and rating. I will be very happy if you also credit me with your work through any of my profiles below. Thank you for your support, if you have any questions ask me, I will be attentive to answer your question.

3D printing and masterful painting of Marshall Boswell

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An epic model, very well separated for 3D printing. Most of the model is very well detailed aswell, and most of my criticisms could be argued are just "nit picks" Mainly from what ive looked over and printed so far, the face of the predalien is great but I would of loved some more detail inside its mouth, currently the inner mouth just kinda floats randomly in there and looks more like a video game asset where its just a separate model that would clip in and out of the main one. Which is only made more noticeable by how wide open its mouth is. I would of liked to at least seen some wrinkles or something in there to at least imply more detail. My only other complaint so far is that on the pulse rifle the sling attached to the rifle is again attached in a very lackluster way, just kinda clipping into the rifle (and at a very improper placement) I think this model would be great if printed in a small scale, (altho im a bit afraid to do so myself since it has so much fine fragile details lol) which would hide these issues very well. And as far as the placement of the sling on the pulse rifle, Id just say to the artist that most slings dont attach on top of the gun, they attach on the bottom. And on this example youve created you have basically picked the worst place you could (barring just having the sling come out the barrel or something silly) because the sling's attachment points are right where the sights used to aim it are supposed to be haha. Other than that I do adore this model, And I would happily buy it again, I think its very reasonably priced and as I mentioned Im sure many people are less picky then me and would say im just nit picking on an otherwise outstanding model. PS: Id love a version of this where Machiko has a more standard predator weapon like a spear rather than a katana ;)
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