Billy Coen Resident Evil 0 OBJ and STL

Billy Coen Resident Evil 0 OBJ and STL 3D print model


**From request added in sliced pieces. Combined for one piece printing with supports from Zbrush, but you can always slice to pieces in free software like flashprint, with dragging and cutting and save as STL from there. Included also base, character as separate versions. If you have any problems, contact me at or in chat here.

Billy Coen ビリー・コーエン Birī Kōen was a U.S. Marine Corps Second Lieutenant-turned death-row inmate that escaped into the Arklay Mountains after the military transport vehicle escorting him was forced off the road by a pack of Cerberus. He took refuge in the nearby Ecliptic Express where he would later meet Rebecca Chambers, who had arrived with S.T.A.R.S. to investigate reports of murders in the vicinity.

In mid-1997, Coen was a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps with Force Recon. While opposed by the UN, the US was intervening in a civil war in Africa, and his squad was sent out to confront the guerrillas head-on at their base deep within a jungle. Dropped some distance a way, the march to the base was long and arduous. A fever spread among the men, and they were harassed by guerrillas. By the time they reached their destination, only four were left. When their target quickly turned out to be a village and not the guerrilla base, the squad leader ordered they massacre the villagers anyway so as not to come back empty-handed.Coen disobeyed orders, and was knocked out with a rifle-butt while the other three brought all twenty-three villagers into a circle to be shot.

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Billy Coen Resident Evil 0 OBJ and STL
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Billy Coen Resident Evil 0 OBJ and STL
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