Apex Legends Caustic drops it

Apex Legends Caustic drops it 3D print model


Caustic had an accidental spill. Combined for one piece printing with supports from Zbrush, but you can always slice to pieces in software like flashprint. Comes with separate base and character also.

"Yes, I've heard about criminals posing as Legends, and they're as derivative as they are pathetic. Take this prison break. I admit there are similarities to my modus operandi, but the cloud formations... that's where they went wrong. My gas wafts through the air as if dancing with death. Not like the spray of some hick fireman's two-decade-old extinguisher, as shown here. Anybody with a tenth of my brainpower can see this for what it is: amateurs playing dress-up in a desperate attempt to gain notoriety. But considering your banal, lackluster brand which you dare call 'journalism'? A tenth of my intellect is giving you far too much credit. Do you have any more questions that might illuminate your ignorance? Very well. Enjoy your day.

Alexander Nox used to be one of the brightest scientists in the employ of Humbert Labs, the Frontier’s leading manufacturer of pesticide gases. Nox worked day and night developing new formulas for the glut of pesticides needed to protect the crops that sustained the Outlands. But he soon realized that progress was being hampered by his testing methods. He needed to test on more than just inert tissue: he needed living subjects. As he toiled in secret, Nox began to see the beauty in his creations and their ability to destroy anything they touched. But the head of Humbert Labs soon discovered his gruesome experiments, and their confrontation ended with the lab in flames. Now, competing under the name Caustic, he puts his gaseous creations to work in the Apex Games and observes their effects with great interest."

jerzku11111 2023-09-07 00:46:01 UTC
As a owner of only ABS and PLA printers. Can be printed easily with FDM or resin printers. Type of printer doesn't also matter at all to how STL or OBJ file is read.
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Apex Legends Caustic drops it
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Apex Legends Caustic drops it
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