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3D graphics is a branch of computer graphics that deals with techniques for creating images or videos by modeling objects in three dimensions.

3D modeling is the process of creating a three-dimensional model of an object. The task of 3D modeling is to develop a visual three-dimensional image of the desired object.

A unique extension of 3D graphics is “augmented reality.” Using image (marker) recognition technology, the augmented reality program completes the construction of a virtual 3D object in a real physical environment. The user can interact with the marker: rotate it in different directions, highlight it in different ways, cover some parts of it - and watch the changes occurring with the 3D object on the computer monitor screen.

Modeling a scene (virtual modeling space) includes several categories of objects:

Geometry (a model constructed using various techniques (for example, creating a polygonal mesh), for example, a building); Materials (information about the visual properties of the model, for example, the color of the walls and the reflective/refractive power of windows); Light sources (direction, power, lighting spectrum settings); Virtual cameras (selection of point and projection angle); Forces and influences (settings for dynamic distortions of objects, used mainly in animation); Additional effects (objects simulating atmospheric phenomena: light in fog, clouds, flames, etc.) The task of 3D modeling is to describe these objects and place them in the scene using geometric transformations in accordance with the requirements for the future image.

Purpose of materials: For a real camera sensor, the materials of real-world objects differ in how they reflect, transmit, and scatter light; virtual materials are set to match the properties of real materials - transparency, reflection, light scattering, roughness, relief, etc.

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Fraternity Crest
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Fraternity Crest
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