Tank T-34-85 Realistic raw scan

Tank T-34-85 Realistic raw scan 3D model


Raw-Scan was created by photogrammetry tech.

The T-34, a Soviet medium tank, had a profound effect on the conflict on the Eastern Front in the Second World War, and had a lasting impact on tank design. When introduced in 1940, the T-34 had an unprecedented balance of firepower, mobility, protection and ruggedness. T-34-85 is the designation for the latest modification of the T-34. reinforced armor and a modified turret for installing a new gun, 85mm

Step into the pages of history with the realistic 3D model of the T-34-85 tank, created through the advanced technique of raw scan photogrammetry technology. This model showcases the iconic Soviet medium tank that played a pivotal role in the Eastern Front during World War II. From its groundbreaking design to its formidable firepower, join us as we delve into the details of this historic armored vehicle.

The T-34-85 tank holds great historical significance as one of the most influential tanks of World War II. Its introduction in 1940 revolutionized tank warfare, combining superior mobility, protection, and firepower into a single package. The T-34 series of tanks played a crucial role in the Soviet Union's success on the Eastern Front, contributing to the ultimate defeat of Nazi Germany.

The T-34-85 was an improved version of the original T-34 tank. The 85 in its name refers to the new 85mm gun installed in a modified turret. This upgrade provided increased firepower, allowing the tank to effectively engage enemy armor and fortifications. Additionally, the T-34-85 featured reinforced armor for enhanced protection, making it a formidable adversary on the battlefield.

The 3D model of the T-34-85 tank was created using raw scan photogrammetry technology. This cutting-edge technique involves capturing detailed images of the physical object from various angles and using specialized software to reconstruct the object's geometry and texture. The result is a highly realistic and accurate digital representation of the tank, preserving its historical features and characteristics.

The 3D model faithfully captures the exterior details of the T-34-85 tank. From the distinctive sloped armor plates to the rounded turret housing the powerful 85mm gun, every aspect is intricately reproduced. The raw scan texture enhances the realism, showcasing the wear and tear of battle, the weathered paint, and the authentic markings that give the tank its unique character.

The T-34-85 excelled in terms of mobility and performance. Its robust engine and suspension system allowed for exceptional maneuverability, enabling the tank to navigate various terrains with relative ease. With a top speed of around 55 km/h (34 mph), the T-34-85 could swiftly traverse the battlefield, delivering its firepower where it was most needed.

The most significant improvement in the T-34-85 was its upgraded armament. The 85mm gun provided superior firepower compared to the earlier versions of the tank, enabling it to engage enemy tanks at longer ranges. This increased firepower gave the T-34-85 a significant advantage in battle, allowing it to effectively counter German armored units.

The T-34-85 played a crucial role in the Soviet Union's counteroffensive against Nazi Germany. Its superior design and capabilities allowed it to engage and destroy enemy tanks with relative ease. The T-34-85's introduction marked a turning point in armored warfare, as it outperformed contemporary German tanks, such as the Panzer IV and early versions of the Panther and Tiger tanks.

The T-34-85's impact extended beyond World War II. Its design and technological advancements influenced tank development in the post-war era. Many countries, including the Soviet Union's allies and Warsaw Pact nations, adopted the T-34-85 or used it as the basis for their own tank designs. Its legacy can be seen in subsequent generations of tanks, showcasing the enduring influence of this remarkable armored vehicle.

The realistic 3D model of the T-34-85 tank, created through raw scan photogrammetry technology, offers a unique opportunity to explore the historical significance and detailed features of this iconic vehicle. From its game-changing design to its pivotal role in World War II, the T-34-85 remains an enduring symbol of Soviet engineering prowess and the sacrifices made by those who fought on the Eastern Front.

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Tank T-34-85 Realistic raw scan
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Tank T-34-85 Realistic raw scan
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