AKM - Model and Textures Low-poly 3D model

Game ready mesh and textures for the AKM - Model and Textures.

Important notes!

High resolution textures exported out of Substance Painter for Unreal Engine, Cryengine 3 and Unity as well as "default" for any other possible use. Material, meshes and texture names follow an easy to understand naming convention. The intended us for these models and it's textures are first person shooters. Polycount is equal to current generation games such as Far Cry or Call of Duty. You can downscale the textures from 4K to 2K or 1K to save memory but you'll get the highest resolution to decide for yourself.

After importing the model and the textures into the target engine you have to follow the official engine documentation on how to set the material up. Rig, animations or sound are not included.

Try before buy!

Check out the free AKM, MK2 Grenade and the ammunition before you buy it. You can use it in any game and convince yourself of the quality level as well as seeing how it's been set up.

Naming Conventions:

WPN_ = Weapon Mesh
WPNM_ = Weapon Material
WPNT_ = Weapon Texture

Get in touch

In case of questions the best way to get in touch is to write a message through the official ChamferZone Facebook page. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


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balmor3d wrote
Beautiful. Well Done!
klim wrote
zz5284 wrote
lol,so cool
keray wrote
nice one
keray wrote
edit: whoops double comment :/
cparson123 wrote
Great model!!!!
blueshadowdigital wrote
Definitely one of the best free assets out there, heavily considering buying the pack with all the weapons, keep up the good work man!
flashpapergrind wrote
Amazing work! I am a huge fan of the games you have worked on, your expertise shows in your brilliant models on cgtrader! Not sure if you check this comment thread often, but I thought I would ask anyway: Do these models require licensing for use in indie games? Or does that only stand if you *name* them in game as their real-life counterparts. Some features are recognizable as belonging to the real-life counterparts, which would probably constitute grounds for copyright claims (I speak from total inexperience with these things - just trying to cover bases before using them in a commercial project).
chamferzone replied to flashpapergrind
Hi flashpapergrind, good question! Yes you can count on it that you can use them. If you look into the Unity and Unreal asset store you'll see that unless it's sci-fi, every artist rebuilds the weapons 1:1 from the original. The one important thing that is required is to change the branding on them. For that reason all logos and names on them are redesigned. Even if you look at games such as battlefield 4 you'll see the same pattern there, this method is the established way when it comes to weapons. Thanks, Tim
thegamingbru wrote
This looks really detailed I like it :)
darkstormweb wrote
Bro iam new on UE4 ,is that model have some scripts?
flashpapergrind replied to darkstormweb
As far as I know, this weapon doesn't come with scripts/blueprint for UE4. If you are new to UE4 I would suggest following them on YouTube and watching tutorials from people like TeslaDev etc. I've included links to both channels below. Unreal Engine: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBobmJyzsJ6Ll7UbfhI4iwQ TeslaDev: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3QBWg9pMnaFF-q0qjXPDEg Good luck!
outlander46 wrote
Nice +1
max2012181555 wrote
this model is fantastic
vendetta79 wrote
this is f*cking awesome!!!!!
impul101 wrote
Very nice work! I do have one question, does the bullet come with a separate texture?
chamferzone replied to impul101
Hey Impul, thank you! :) Yes! The ammo comes with this download which is also free: https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-models/weapon-military/gun/ammunition-model-and-textures Cheers, Tim !
rextaroo wrote
nice details!
naltheiban wrote
wow thanks for this cool 3d model
takch wrote
so cool!!!!!
outlander46 wrote
beautiful great job
deathly123at wrote
whoah just whoa
cattainsong wrote
realistic gun!!
glacier wrote
zhihaoren wrote
It's so nice!
chamferzone wrote
Hello friends, thank you very much for the positive feedback on the AKM ! I am glad to hear it. I just wanted to also mention that this is the end result of my Ultimate Weapon Tutorial which you can buy on my website if you're interested. Modeling + Texturing, comprehensive tutorial. www.chamferzone.com Cheers, Tim
sadranger77 wrote
Its amizing
bepekl wrote
purgebs wrote
Nice detail!
taeyeon9718 wrote
soooo nice!
larryo711 wrote
semih01 wrote
I like it
ayed wrote
drr wrote
gri wrote
So Good!
milan037 wrote
this looks great
fire-flower wrote
Thank you very much :@@ , it's wonderful !
fadanazerkez wrote
reiser789 wrote
gamecr8rz wrote
So, this can be used commercially, right?
stevenloji wrote
nofene wrote
Really nice, thank you!
cadcamdesign wrote
milanagrace1994 wrote
best free AK! Love it.Especialy on unity store.Thanks.
shinrai wrote
Simply amazing!
lyivan wrote


paulwinstanley77 has given the model a positive rating
A fantastic highly detailed one model of the famous akm assault rifle . This model is so detailed it has blew me away the artist is an incredible creator in the field of cgi well worth the purchase. To the artist well done 10 stars and keep up the amazing work.
alextuduran has given the model a positive rating
You can't expect anything less than top-notch quality from a guy who's behind titles like Far Cry and Crysis and that's exactly what you get. The amount of detail on these weapons is incredible, everything is very well packed, including separate archives for CryEngine, Unreal and Unity. If rendered correctly, these are beyond AAA quality. If only there would be more like these. Much appreciated.
Designer response: 48% in 48.0h
Available formats
  • Textures TGA's for Unreal, CryEngine and Default. PNG's for Unity. -
    Version: TGA's for Unreal, CryEngine and Default. PNG's for Unity.
    Version: TGA's for Unreal, CryEngine and Default. PNG's for Unity.
    Version: TGA's for Unreal, CryEngine and Default. PNG's for Unity.
  • Truevision(.tga) (3 files) -
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx) 655 KB
  • OBJ (.obj, .mtl) 1.38 MB
More details
  • Publish date2016-04-16
  • Model ID#313445
  • Animated No
  • Rigged No
  • VR / AR / Low-poly Yes(approved)
  • PBR No
  • Geometry Polygon mesh
  • Polygons 0
  • Vertices -
  • Textures Yes
  • Materials No
  • UV Mapping No
  • Unwrapped UVs
  • Plugins used No