Medieval and Fantasy Set - Game ready Low-poly 3D model

**Medieval & Fantasy Set **is a game ready package of medieval and fantasy architectures and materials. This asset is thought to be used for create a realistic environment from zero or to be an implementation to your project. In this package you have included 134 prefabs (considering variations) and 36 PBR materials (using Autodesk interactive shader). All the prefab have LOD stages, from 1 to 5, depending on the model complexity. In addition to the main package there are all the .fbx models in their highest quality and all the textures subdivided in different archives. The preview images are taken from the two scenes inside Unity included in the package. No vegetation meshes and particles are included, they are from the amazing Meadow Environment Asset from NatureManufacture.

Inside the package there are two scene: 1)Showroom scene is where all the prefabs and materials are shown subdivided in main groups, as they are in the prefab list and fbx folders 2)Demo_scene_Village is a scene I created using the Medieval & Fantasy Set prefabs to test performances. The result is very good and performances are flawless (I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB).

I remind again that in Demo_scene_Village I also used the amazing Meadow Environment by NatureManufacture for vegetation and particles, which are not included in the package. I created the terrain using default brushes, and I painted over it with the terrain materials included in Medieval & Fantasy Set. I also used Unity post-processing package in rendering the images.

Enjoy the set, and if you have any question, contact me at

List of the 134 prefabs subdivided by category, with info regarding the number of LOD stages: 0) Gate&Walls Gate_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Gate_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Gate_3 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type1b LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type1c LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type1d LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type2b LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type2c LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type2d LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type3 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type3b LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type3c LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type3d LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type4 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type4b LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type4c LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Paving_plane_type4d LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Pillar LOD0 LOD1 Pillar_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Side_path_edge_type1 LOD0 Side_path_edge_type2 LOD0 Side_path_edge_type3 LOD0 Side_path_edge_type4 LOD0 Side_path_edge_type5 LOD0 Side_path_edge_type6 LOD0 Side_path_edge_type7 LOD0 Side_path_edge_type8 LOD0 Wall_rough LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wall_rough_column LOD0 LOD1

1) Doors&Windows Arch_stone LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Door_frame_stone LOD0 LOD1 Large_Door LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Large_Door_Base LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Locker_handle LOD0 LOD1 Locker_hole LOD0 LOD1 Locker_ring LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Small_Door LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Window_stone_frame LOD0 LOD1 Window_stone_type1 LOD0 LOD1 Window_stone_type2 LOD0 LOD1 Window_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Window_type_1_Transparent LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Window_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Window_type_2_Transparent LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Wooden_board_window LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_Door_Frame LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_Window_sash_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_Window_sash_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2

2) Wooden_boards Roof_side_cover LOD0 LOD1 Wood_roof LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Wood_roof_shingles LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Wood_roof_support LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_bar_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 Wooden_bar_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 Wooden_bar_type_3 LOD0 LOD1 Wooden_board_block_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_board_block_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_board_block_3 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_board_block_4 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_board_path LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Wooden_board_wall_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_board_wall_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_board_wall_type_3 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_edge_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_edge_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_edge_type_3 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_pillar_large LOD0 LOD1 Wooden_pillar_low LOD0 LOD1 Wooden_pillar_thin LOD0 LOD1 Wooden_support LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_support_curve LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_support_large LOD0 LOD1 LOD2

3) Building_bases&samples House_frame_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 House_frame_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 House_sample_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 LOD4 LOD5 House_sample_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 LOD4 Roof LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Roof_square LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Tower_clean LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 LOD4 Tower_sample LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 LOD4 Wall_building_base LOD0 LOD1 Wall_building_brick LOD0 LOD1 Wall_building_old_stone LOD0 LOD1 Wall_building_plaster LOD0 LOD1 Wall_building_red_plaster LOD0 LOD1

4) Building_add-on Affresco_Angels LOD0 Affresco_Castle LOD0 Affresco_Eagle LOD0 Affresco_Large LOD0 Affresco_Lion LOD0 Affresco_Lion_2 LOD0 Affresco_Pattern_2 LOD0 Arch LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Balcony LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Balcony_b LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Chimney LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Column LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Column_2 LOD0 LOD1 Column_3 LOD0 Cross_Vault LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Lodge_large LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Lodge_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Lodge_type_1b LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Lodge_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Lodge_type_2b LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Lodge_type_3 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Pointed_Decoration LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Portico_Wood_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Portico_Wood_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Stone_base LOD0 LOD1 Stone_support LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Stone_support_single LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_cover LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 Wooden_cover_curve LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3

5) Stairs Stairs_stone_complete LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Stairs_stone_middle LOD0 LOD1 Stairs_stone_railing_1 LOD0 LOD1 Stairs_stone_railing_2 LOD0 Stairs_stone_ramp LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Stairs_stone_ramp_type1 LOD0 LOD1 Stairs_stone_ramp_type2 LOD0 LOD1 Stairs_stone_ramp_type3 LOD0 LOD1 Stairs_support LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Stairs_support_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_stairs LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 LOD3 LOD4 Wooden_stairs_railing LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_stairs_type_1 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_stairs_type_2 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_stairs_type_3 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_stairs_type_4 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_stairs_type_5 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2 Wooden_stairs_type_6 LOD0 LOD1 LOD2

The materials are coming with Albedo, Roughness, AO, Normals, some of them have also the Displacement map or Metallic. The maps are mostly in 4K or 2K, with few exceptions List of the 36 materials subdivided by category, with info regarding the maps included:

1) Construction Affresco_Angels 2K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Affresco_Castle 2K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Affresco_Eagle 2K Albedo Affresco_Large 2K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Affresco_Lion 2K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Affresco_Lion_2 2K Albedo Affresco_Pattern 2K (2048x512) Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Affresco_Pattern_2 1K (1024x512) Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Affresco_Wood_Paint 2K (2048x1024) Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Concrete_Edge 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Marble_dark 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Occlusion Metal_scratched 4K Albedo-Metallic-Roughness-Normal-Occlusion Old_stone 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Plaster 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Plaster_brick 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Red_plaster 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Occlusion Roof_shingles 4K Albedo-Metallic-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Roof_shingles_wet 4K Albedo-Metallic-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Window 2K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Window_Transparent 2K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Window_2 0.5K (512x256) Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Occlusion Window_wood 1K (512x1024) Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Window_wood_2 2K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Occlusion Window_wood_3 2K (1024x2048) Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Wood_board_moss 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Occlusion Wood_moss 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Occlusion Wooden_Door 2K (1024x2048) Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion

2)Terrain Grass 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Grass_wet 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Gravel_wet 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Mud_wet 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Paving 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Paving_grass 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Paving_grass_wet 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Paving_wet 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion Rock 4K Albedo-Roughness-Normal-Height-Occlusion

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Medieval and Fantasy Set - Game ready
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