EVERYPlant Carboniferous Biome LowPoly Pack 3 --148 Models--

EVERYPlant Carboniferous Biome LowPoly Pack 3 --148 Models-- 3D Model Collection


Name: Carboniferous Biome LowPoly Pack 3

This is a Low Poly pack. A High Poly version is also available.

Biome packs are a collection of all the plants you need to satisfy a particular type of scene, containing both common and some rarer plants. Each plant species has several variations to allow for a diversity of scenes. Variation may include health, maturity, season (if appropriate), LOD and various other modifications.

Biome packs are discounted over the cost of the individual plants.

Notes: The Carboniferous is a period spanning 360 to 290 million years ago. The period is characterised by swampy, humid floodplains, and vast forests covering the land. These would eventually become the coal beds of today.

The main Early Carboniferous plants were the Equisetales (horse-tails), Sphenophyllales (scrambling plants), Lycopodiales (club mosses), Lepidodendrales (scale trees), Filicales (ferns), Medullosales (seed ferns) and the Cordaitales. These continued to dominate throughout the period, but during late Carboniferous, several other groups, Cycadophyta (cycads), the Callistophytales (another group of seed ferns), and the Voltziales (related to and sometimes included under the conifers), appeared.

The Carboniferous lycophytes (giant relatives of club-mosses) were huge trees with trunks 30 metres high and up to 1.5 metres in diameter; these included Lepidodendron and Sigillaria. The Equisetales included the common giant form Calamites, with a height of up to 20m. Sphenophyllum was a slender climbing plant with whorls of leaves, which was probably related both to the calamites and the lycopods. Cordaites, a tall plant (30 meters) with strap-like leaves, was related to the cycads and conifers. These plants were thought to live in swamps. True coniferous trees (Walchia) appear later in the Carboniferous, and preferred higher, drier ground.

Included in this Package:

  • 148 models in total.
  • Complete plant solution for this type of biome.
  • 10 plant species.
  • Maturity variations for each plant.
  • Health variations for each plant.
  • LOD variations for each plant.
  • Other variations for some plants.
  • Discounted price.

Re-meshing and any reasonable modification available upon request. No charge to existing customers of the product.

The textures included are mainly 4k (4096x4096); additional texture sizes of medium 2k, small 1k, and tiny <1k textures can also be downloaded. Separated alpha maps can be download as well.

EVERYPlant has a mission ... which is to model every plant species in the world (plus some extinct, fantasy and sci-fi variations as well)! Okay, maybe not every plant! If you don't see it in our store, please get in contact; we have thousands of species on file awaiting upload.

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EVERYPlant Carboniferous Biome LowPoly Pack 3 --148 Models--
Royalty Free License 
EVERYPlant Carboniferous Biome LowPoly Pack 3 --148 Models--
Royalty Free License 
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