Offer custom 3D job to OogiMe

Use the publishing form down below to upload a request for your project. Your Job request will appear in CGTrader's Jobs board as soon as you finish editing all necessary details. Please note that this IS NOT the place to upload your 3D models for sale.



    Make sure you:
    • Provide as many details as possible
    • Use ready-to-go templates
    • Add related images to clarify your idea
    • Select correct software or desired file output
    • Define the final result as clear as possible
    Ready to-go templates:
    • 3D Model Job
    • 3D Print Model
    • 3D Scanning Job
    After you post a job:
    • CGTrader team will review your offer
    • The selected designer will be informed about your request
    • You will be informed about the applicant's response
    • Communication with designer will be held in private workspace area
    • Money will be refunded if job does not meet the requirements or is not done at all