3D Hover car Modeler NEEDED -   Price...

3D Hover car Modeler NEEDED - Price...

  • 23 applicants
  • 22 days to finish
  • 3D Computer Graphics
  • Cinema 4D


Need a 3d hover-car model that resembles a cross between a Delorian and a Lamborghini. Will be used in Cinema 4d. 1) I would like to make the doors eagle wings open in a slightly new way. 2) Interior design also needs to be 3d modeled. The images attached below are strong examples of the styles I would like to combine. Please send modeling reel. Please contact me with a timeframe on development as well as rates. Depending on level of difficulty and time needed I can raise the price. I do want this to look pro. Job offer starts at $550. Ideally I would like to have this completed by Sep 10th. If contracted, this job would lead to more cg development in a scifi project.

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