Chainmail Armor - Create your own super light chainmail

Chainmail Armor - Create your own super light chainmail 3D print model


Create your own super light chain mail with 3d printing. (The images are real!!!)

Whit this files you can print large pieces of chainmail and assemble a whole shirt very quickly.

What includes?

  • A file to print the Front Left of a chainmail
  • A file to print the Front Right of a chainmail
  • A file to print the Back of a chainmail (print it twice)
  • A file to print the Sleeve of a chainmail (print it twice)
  • A file to print a small test and calibrate your printer until you get the expected results
  • A file to print open rings in case you need to join several sheets of chainmail or in case you break a ring and want to replace it.
  • Printing Settings PDF

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By Kerry Stevenson on October 24th, 2022 in Design (

michael-scattergood 2023-04-10 04:01:23 UTC
This looks absolutely amazing! Just purchased the dicebag and will be creating a plate for it in a few minutes. What are the print dimensions for these parts? They look designed for a PLA printer, whereas I'm using a Resin printer. The dice bag shouldn't be an issue, but this might be too big for my printer? Hoping to throw this into my cart next!
deapbreath 2023-02-23 12:37:14 UTC
Hey @propsmaker. I noticed this other user that seems to have reuploaded your same files and pictures, I tried to use the report button, but it didn't to go anywhere. Really admire your designs and wanted to give you a heads-up.
propsmaker 2023-02-23 13:21:32 UTC
OMG, thank you very much! I just send a message to CGTrader to ban that user ;(. The report button is not working, don't know why, i will also tell them that. If you want some of my models, let me now and you will have it for free.
shmmee 2023-01-16 17:06:12 UTC
I've been having a lot of fun with the printable jump rings. They're a fantastic "easy mode" for a new learner. I'd start with a printed test 3x11 test file and practice expanding the pattern. I'm curious to hear what techniques people are using for closing and sealing test rings. Currently, I'll place the blade of a hot-knife in the gap, pinch the ring together to melt both sides at once then slide the knife out - mashing the two melted sides together. It works well, but it's a little fidgitey and easy to burn fingers. Any advice for other methods? I'm thinking a soldering iron might work as well, but that'd have the same hazard. A large magnifying glass on a sunny day could give a precise focused beam but a high wattage laser might be ideal for pin point accuracy. I'd like to try solvent welds since I printed rings in ABS. Grabbing both side of a ring can be almost feels like I need a second hand or specialized double pincered pliers.
deapbreath 2023-02-25 23:02:44 UTC
Hey shmmee. One method I really like for connecting small ends together is a 3d printer pen. They're around $50 and the youtuber Make Anything has a good video on it for this application.
maskeddude 2022-12-17 02:20:18 UTC
I just bought this. The file looks great but does anyone have any print suggestions for an Anycubic 4Max or Ultimaker Cura setup?
8runner 2023-03-17 00:56:52 UTC
I am looking for the same thing (Cura 5.2 + Anycubric Kobra Max). The settings file suggestion doesn't translate very well to Cura configuration.
scanlonrg 2022-11-27 21:26:12 UTC
Needs a bed that can accommodate 250mm by 225mm and does not work with ender s1 stock (220x220)
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seanmallow 2023-03-08 15:46:50 UTC
Not Recommended
DO NOT BUY. I am printing on a Prusa i3 Mks+ printer and have had 0 issues with any prints for the past 6 months of printing, so the only factor I am seeing is this file is not good. I tried the sellers settings in PrusaSlicer but the file was too complex to process and crashed the system. I moved it over to Cura and tried to replicate the settings the best I could and finally got it to slice. After 2 days of printing and almost a full roll of filament, I had a brittle hunk of plastic that I could not pull apart, and when I did start to get it pried apart, it immediately broke. Its a cool idea, but far too expensive and shoddy to keep wasting time and money on.
daniel-m-darby 2023-02-02 19:50:02 UTC
I'm currently trying the test print, any advice on filament type, retraction settings and the like?
shmmee 2023-01-16 17:17:34 UTC
Update: I've successfully printed a sleeve piece in abs on my prusa. I'd estimate a 5% breakage rate on rings while separating - mostly occuring at the ends whenever direction folded and changed. I might need a little less extrusion to weaken the ring bonds. Breaking up the model was like flexing some very angry pre-cooked Ramen noodles. My hands were raw by the end of it (printed in ABS) but it was oh so satisfying! The sleeve piece was a bit to small for my arm (I'm a medium build '6 male). I could get the sleeve over my arm but if I bent my elbow, the printed sleeve would bond, constrict and wouldn't let me bend my elbow more than 90 degrees. The completed shirt might be sized for a small adult instead of a medium, or maybe I just need to weave in some more rings at the elbows to restrict movement less. The base print would be super easy to expand, by simply adding a few rows of pre printed test pieces to expand the current pieces. Regardless, this is still one of the coolest things I've ever printed in my near decade of experience!
scanlonrg 2022-11-27 21:30:04 UTC
Does not fit on an ender s1 stock. Needs a print bed at least 225mm by 250mm. Wish I could leave neutral feedback. Hopefully I can get a refund or a workable solution.
inferno308 2022-11-17 04:02:52 UTC
This is the BEST chainmail that ive ever printer off. This is worth it. So easy to print and clean up.
Chainmail Armor - Create your own super light chainmail
Royalty Free License 
Chainmail Armor - Create your own super light chainmail
Royalty Free License 
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