Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9

Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9 3D print model

This model has been revised and improved. It now fits tighter and corrections were made. I was inspired to create this rocket model after watching the test launch of Space X's Falcon Heavy. It also now includes a two piece Crew Dragon capsule and newly improved TESS model.

As usual, I designed it to be 3d printable without external supports and as easy as possible to assemble.

All the pieces slot together with a medium to tight fit, so some clean up may be required on some pieces. No glue (Apart from greeblies) will be required.

I also designed adapters so that 50mm PVC pipe can be used for the main body sections to reduce printing time. I have supplied greeblies(detail) that can be glued onto the PVC for some detail.

All pieces fit into each other, so I made mine shorter than the Falcon heavy. So yes... Elon's is bigger than mine. ;)

The total height would be close to a meter high if the correct number of sections is used on this model.

The landing legs snap open with the use of pistons and closes by clipping onto the body. So it can be displayed with the landing legs up or down. I show the release button on the pistons facing up in my video, but for better stability, the piston must be turned around so that the release button is on the bottom.

Items supplied:

  • Main Centre rocket
  • 2 side boosters with attachments
  • Stage 2 rocket with Dragon payload
  • Payload with TESS Satelite
  • Scale workers with fire hose
  • Assembly PDF
  • Mini Tesla
  • Crew Dragon capsule
  • New 2 piece Crew Dragon capsule
  • Split fairing (Follow the link below for the full hinged version with Detailed Roadster: https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/miniatures/vehicles/falcon-fairing-upgrade

If you are interested in the Free iPad stand design, then follow the link below: iPad Stand - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2914197

I hope you like this model! Enjoy!

the Dragon capsule is not to scale, it should not require the large adapter... widht is 12 feet just like the F9 rocket...
Yeah, thanks, it was pointed out to me a few days ago, so I added a second version that correctly fits Stage two of the rocket, but it is so much smaller that the detail on the Dragon would be unprintable, so I included both in the package. I should probably change the thumbnails to show this.
I've just started what will be a massive print! Looking pretty good so far. The docking components of the Dragon capsule all seem to fit together very well. Looking forward to finishing and painting.
Awesome! Love to hear success stories and I seem to have found a good balance with tolerances on this. I have a bag of test pieces to show for it :-) Hearing responses like yours gives me great relief! Please send pics if you can! I would love to see what how it turns out! I am also building a gallery that I would like to show in an update/upgrade/additions video. Your name and photos will be animated somehow as in all my videos, and maybe even a competition?
This is a fun build. I am doing the metric PVC version. What lengths do I need to cut the various sections of carbon fiber tube to?
Hi 43moon. If it helps, I can give you the dimensions of the printed F9 sections. The three sections measure a total of 340mm when joined, and not including the 'F_Land_Gear_Mount' or any other parts, AND not including the reduced diameter parts where the sections join. The two upper are each 200mm long.. again, not including the reduced areas where the sections join. Happy to msg you pics if that helps.
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Started printing this over the weekend. Very impressed so far! If you’re a fan of Musk and SpaceX this is a must have!
The instructions for which parts to print in which color, and how many would have been simple to include. There is a bit of guesswork which should not be the case when you pay for schematics. My rating is for the ojects, 9 out of 10, but not having proper instruction, the entire product would be only a 7 out of 10.
very good design i loved it
Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9
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Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9
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