3Ds Max Exporter Plugin - how it works?

Information how to install and use CGTrader 3Ds Max Exporter.

Working with 3ds Max and looking for a way to save your time uploading models to 3D modelling marketplaces? CGTrader is introducing a solution for 3ds Max designers which will significantly decrease the time you are spending on preparing and publishing models on our platform.

Together with Raylight Studios CGTrader created 3ds Max plugin that allows exporting 3D models or full scenes straight from the software interface. It not only allows you to upload files but also renders images and converts your 3ds Max file to different formats.


Installing CGTrader Exporter is really simple. What you need to do is to download the plugin by clicking here and launching the setup file on your computer. Once the plugin is installed you already have it on your 3ds Max - we suggest to create a shortcut for the plugin (Customize > Customize User Interface > Toolbars) so you can easily turn it on when the model is ready for upload.

How it Works

Using CGTrader Exporter is really easy. If you are familiar with CGTrader's web publisher then you will find most of the same steps in the plugin. If not, please go through the list of things you can do using this tool:

- Logging into your CGTrader account. Simple as that - just enter your CGTrader credentials and you are in. We will remember your password for further publishing.

- Selecting what to export. While exporting through CGTrader Exporter you can select what part should be exported to CGTrader. You can select either entire scene you are working on, either the specific model that you want to be exported separately. Moreover, you can also choose if your selections should be sent to marketplace as separate models or a single model.

- Entering required information. Main information about the model (which is title, price and format) is pre-filled though you can adjust it if needed.

- Entering additional information. If you are willing to improve the performance of your models you should spend a little bit more time and update additional model information. That really helps to improve model's rating, visibility in the listings and eventually - the sales. Additional information that can be added through 3ds Max CGTrader Exporter includes Description, Category and Sub-Category, Model Type (Low Poly, Animated, Rigged, 3D Printable), tags (5 tags is a minimum but it is better to have at least 10 relevant tags), geometry details and also additional images (if you feel like your renders could work better).

- Pushing the "Export" button. Once you review the information of the model and you are good to go just click "Export" and we will take it from there. Your model will go through CGTrader pipeline, be rendered, converted to different formats, reviewed and published on our platform. You can continue working on other models while we will take care of already prepared models making you money.

Download plugin