American WW2 Tank Tracks And Components

American WW2 Tank Tracks And Components 3D print model


Intended for 3d print.

This model kit includes historically accurate tracks for a number of American WW2-era tanks. See detailed list below. It also includes individual components of the track as separate, 3d-printable models, for more in-depth customizing of your tabletop tank.

Tank compatibility list The tracks included in this kit are compatible with

  • M1 Light Tank (a.k.a Combat Car)
  • M2 Light Tank
  • M3 Stuart Light Tank
  • M3 Lee Medium Tank
  • M4 Sherman Medium Tank
  • M5 Light Tank
  • M7 Priest Self-Propelled Gun
  • M10 Tank Destroyer
  • M36 Tank Destroyer

Detailed Model Parts list

Below is a complete list of all model parts included in this kit. See image gallery for a visual presentation of the entire model parts lineup.

  • M1/M2 Tracks
  • M1/M2 Reinforced Tracks. Suitable for printing at sub-28mm scales
  • M3 Stuart/M5 Tracks.
  • M3 Stuart/M5 Reinforced Tracks.
  • M3 Lee/M4/M7/M10/M36 Tracks.
  • M3 Lee/M4/M7/M10/M36 Reinforced Tracks.
  • M1/M2/M3 Stuart/M5 Bogeys
  • M3 Lee/M4/M7/M10/M36 Bogeys
  • Sprocket
  • Idler Wheel
  • Rollers
  • 3 variants of empty tracks. Can be used together with the individual components included in this kit, or any other track parts you have available. You may have to clip the track teeth with a pair of pliers before inserting the individual components.

Recommended print scale

20mm to 28mm scale. The model parts will also work at larger scales. You might be able top print the reinforced parts at 15mm or even 6mm scale, but I make no guarantees for this.

NOTE: If you want to print both a left and right side track for a tank, don't forget to flip one of the tracks horizontally.

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American WW2 Tank Tracks And Components
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American WW2 Tank Tracks And Components
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3D Model formats

Format limitations
  • Stereolithography (.stl) (2 files)34.2 MB

3D Model details

  • Publish date2022-10-28
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