MECS70-B Stasis Pod

MECS70-B Stasis Pod 3D print model


In 2078, Moneta Engineering Consortium developed the first commercial Stasis Pod and over the next 17 years, perfected the design and functionality of the unit for use on commercial starships. By 2095, the latest bio-pod model was used extensively by most of the main starship operators for deep space incursions. Special Military versions under contract were used for long range vessel patrolling the border to Human/Flexani space and could be adapted for Flexani anatomy.

The **MEC S70-B Stasis Pod **model was typically used for healthy participants in deep space travel and was the standard model of choice in most starships, whereas the MEC S70-Hx Stasis Pod model with advanced medical monitoring equipment was used to preserve life for critically-injured or terminally-ill patients, until their conditions could be stabilized in a fully-equipped medical facility.

Both models of the Stasis Pod units suspended all cellular activity and disease processes, keeping the patient from succumbing to their illness or injury for an indefinite period. In 2092, a law was passed to ensure that Stasis units became standard equipment on deep space starship vessels, but was optional for short range ships within the Asteroid Belt.

The MEC S70-B Stasis Pod typically consumes 0.9 MW of power and has a fuel cell that provides up to 56 hours of backup power before terminal life support failure. The S70-Hx however, with advanced features requires greater power consumption and is only fitted to advanced Carrier vessels with medical staff to support its use and maintenance. Backup power on the S70-Hx is rated to 170 hours before terminal failure of the life support systems.


  • 1:24 scale model with over 40 parts
  • Artriculated Door Panel
  • Can be lit using LED lights inside
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jeff-davies 2022-06-26 18:58:10 UTC
I'm using this STL model in a blender project. The model is comprised of many individual pieces so you can simplify it if needed. It does seem to be missing the right arm for the door, but its a simple matter of copying the left arm and rotating it into position. Having so many individual pieces makes it easy to texture the model to your specific needs. Definitely money well spent.
MECS70-B Stasis Pod
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MECS70-B Stasis Pod
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