3D Printable Darth Vader Helmet - With Reveal Face Mask 3D print model


*Note- the Dome pins and the holes they slot into have an 0.5mm tolerance. If you find the pins do not fit just sand the holes slightly or calibrate your printer.

The Face Vents were proving difficult for some to print at a smaller scale, they have been removed from the face mask and you can now print them seperately, this also makes for a much cleaner print all round. You can still opt to print the all-in-one version, it's entirely up to you. Image added to gallery showing updated parts.

Designed specifically for 3D printing, this deluxe Darth Vader helmet will be the pride of your collection. Comprising of 42 parts (plus optionals) this package covers the Episode VI *inspired* Darth Vader mask where his face is finally revealed. Like the movie, the back of the face mask is cut out, there is a full neck piece and dome to accompany the face mask.

To keep slicing a breeze, every individual part of this helmet was processed to reduce its size. In it's original state before processing, it is around 2GB. This is a high res helmet! After processing, all 43 parts come in at around 142mb. The largest part being around 15mb in size, which is completely within workable slicing standards.

The horzontal grills in the facemask forehead, unlike our competitors are REAL. We actually went to the trouble. Not only are they screen accurate, they allow the user o get some airflow. A mask under a mask can get a little warm. Also unlike our competitors - the face reveal actually looks like the screen version. This printable helmet exists because we thought we could do better and we gave it our best shot!

We also included an option non-grill mouth piece for those wishing to add their own grill. A non-grill chin piece can also be obtained by messaging us if you require.

The mask has been designed for you to be able to take the Dome on and off, which locks in place with a solid 6 pin system, so it won't rattle around and mounts snug onto the face mask. The facemask has small cut outs on the side and under the mouth that also assist with lining up and assembly.

Instead of going overboard on printable wiring that is difficult to print, we scaled back and just did the piping for the internal twin microphone props. All accessories are plug fitted, they will require glue but will actually fit without quite snug.

Out of 42 parts, 40 have been test printed to check the scale.


Let's put an end to high price meshes! Don't pay $$$ for a set of files when you know you are about to spend that on plastic - after all it's you that puts in the hard work to make it. We just design it for you.

*Note - The crisp sharp images you see in the instructions represent the actual models, they are not fancy render effects. All pieces are void of visible polygons, ready for a clean silky smooth print.

We have done everything for you!

All pieces are cut and repaired using a professional grade repairing tool, all pieces are placed dead flat at 0,0,0 on the build surface for you. We have tried very very hard to ensure all you need to do is load the file, select your settings and press print.

We include comprehensive instructions for all parts (the assembly guide has been uploaded for your viewing)

This suit is cut for a 20xcmx15cmx15cm build plate (ie Wanhao/CTC/Flashforge) but parts will fit on a 15x15x15cm plate, just oriented differently.

All parts can be cut again and if you require any assistance with cutting parts smaller OR you would like the full piece of a part (ie you would like the chest in one piece) as long as you have purchased the pack, like a piece of software or hardware, we will support you on it regardless - as many edits as you require - from printing to finishing.


Since parts will be sanded and painted, we suggest 0.2-0.3mm layer height.

We suggest a 3-10% infill rate to keep the weight of the parts down. A full suit can be quite heavy if given too much infill.

Supports / Rafts
This is really up to you and your printer. These days printers with great cooling can perform some serious overhangs, it's going to come down to you knowing your printer and how what it's capable of. Please ask us a message in the comments if you would like to know more.

This is a fan-made representation.
We are in no way affiliated licensed
by Disney or LucasArts.


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axel-renwart wrote
What a beautiful piece ! So much details ! Good job :-)
Geoffro replied to axel-renwart
Thank you, many many hours work :)
neilnerona wrote
Printing this right now. Parts looks great. Thanks for cutting it to more manageable pieces and figuring out the best orieintation to lessen overhangs. Any suggestion on what to use for the eye lens?
neilnerona wrote
The model looks great. Finished printing all the face and head parts. Although I did notice something a bit off. The cheek area of DV have sharp edges, whereas this model has curved and soft edges (face part 7, 8 and 9). Any chance you can revise and make them sharper? Looking forward to completely printing this and painting.
Geoffro replied to neilnerona
Hi, those are there for a reason. If they are not there you cannot take the face mask on and off, they are designed to fit snugly onto the front neck section side pipes (take a look at the photos with the mannequin and grey print) If you would like me to make a new one sure you can hire me to do that, but I cannot alter this one as then it will not fit both in and it it wont come off the face mask. The side pipes on the cheeks are inherently curved inward - to make them straight out would make it look more like the kids voice changer vader mask sadly. I'd love to do it dead flat, it was originally but after testing we found it had to be altered so the face mask was actually removable.
neilnerona wrote
Currently stuck in assembling the helmet/dome. There are some parts that are not lining up. Not a problem with the stl files but with some of the parts that I printed that has a bit of warping. Could you also provide the full size, one piece stl of the helmet/dome. I have another printer coming in that would have a big enough build volume to print it in one piece. Also purchased the Boba Fett helmet, would like to get the full size, one piece stl of that if possible. Thanks
Geoffro replied to neilnerona
Any of the helmets are available in their full after purchase, please message me or reach me through my website.
neilnerona replied to Geoffro
Hi Geoffro. Sent you a message regarding the full size one piece helmets. Just checking if you successfully received it. Also, I noticed that in your description, you mentioned that this version is when his face was revealed as episode IV. It's actually in episode VI, Return Of The Jedi, when the reveal helmet was shown.
n3ds wrote
what kind of customization can you offer for this set ? Looking to print it but maybe larger pieces, running 2 x 2um extended for this project
Geoffro replied to n3ds
Happy to provide the files uncut, at its minimum it is 4 pieces, dome, face, neck front and neck rear
n3ds replied to Geoffro
That would be great thank you
warto replied to n3ds
great thanks for this hint.
allfate replied to Geoffro
Geoffro, Fantastic work, I just purchased this b/c I have always wanted a Darth Vader Reveal helmet :). I was wondering if you could send me the link to download them in the uncut versions so they can print even better. Thanks, Allfate
warto wrote
Great Job. Mostly finished. Do u have a good hint to fix the Mouthpart and the neck part. This two peace are very lose and it is risky to wear :) drop down ...
Geoffro replied to warto
You use Magnets for cosplay items generally, we use Neodymium magnets.
bobbyshomerul wrote
Hello, i try to buy this thing but the buttons are disabled... L.E. is not working in chrome, but is ok in iexplorer
Geoffro replied to bobbyshomerul
something to do with cookies on this site sorry, is happening for alot of people.. i have sent them an email
warto replied to Geoffro
.So helmet is finished...most impressive!! two questions are left. do u glue the dome connector at the face mask or at the dome? the holes of the connector are to slim, must the dome connectors pins go deep through the connector ?
Geoffro replied to warto
great work! Ok well from what I have seen others do, the best Idea seems to be some cylindrical magnets that are about the same height as the pins - by absolute chance there is a stock size magnet you can buy, I will send you some pictures tomorrow was literally just about to go to bed..4am..
warto wrote
Is the dome connector glued at the face mask or at the helmet? must i open the holes from the dome connector a little? cause they do no fit with the helmetfingers.
Geoffro replied to warto
Adjust your tolerance or sand the holes, they do fit if your printer is laying down correct extrusion widths.
warto replied to Geoffro
ok thx. and what about the dome connector? where must i glue it on?
Geoffro replied to warto
The dome connector goes on the top of the face section. The dome has pins that slide into the holes. The best I have seen is from a gentleman named Jim, and he used some cylindrical magnets (proper name - neodymium cylinder magnets) they are easy and cheap to buy off Ebay but very very strong. He used these to simply make the dome magnetically connect to the facemask by putting a magnet under the dome within the pins and another magnet on the top of the facemask.
magicruss wrote
i am working on it and having a blast awesome files thanks
nlomas2610 wrote
Fantastic model, cannot wait to finish printing it, would it be possible to get the non-grill chin piece
Geoffro replied to nlomas2610
I have sent you a message with the non-grill chin attached, still waiting for your reply.
Pimp3D wrote
d-bites wrote
Hi Geoffro, first thanx a ton for the great 3d file! I have a question that I could not find in the comment section. which lense did you use? Any specific brand I can order as well? Cheers and thx for the support! J
thisiskevin wrote
hi man, bought this and printed. However i have 1 question. Would it be possible to have the inside mouth detail separated into a different piece? Separated from the chin? Thank you man!
whosle wrote
It's printing very well in ABS with a raft. I would like an uncut model, in order to maximize my build space and minimize the seams, especially for the dome pieces. Thanks for posting and offering it at a very reasonable price.
inferno156 wrote
Great model! Thanks for creating it at a fair price. I also sent a message looking for the uncut versions of the files so I may print them in large chunks. Thanks!
and-3d wrote
3dplanet wrote
Hi Geoffro Any news about visor for Bob Fett- and lenses for Vaider file ? Thanks Ragards
waever wrote
hi sorry for asking what is the thickness of the most thinnest part? need to check wether my 3d printer is capable to print it or not. thanks
thepropsdepartment wrote
Downloaded the model, awesome btw, and was wondering what part the seperate face grills are? I see the ones with the small square grills attached but can't seem to find the seperate ones. Thanks!
GAF wrote
Rigstr wrote


brendanjfaulk has given the model a positive rating
Great attention to detail with this model, I highly commend you for your hard work on this.
chris3485 has given the model a positive rating
Really love the detail and to how it looks just like the Black Series version of the helmet.
allfate has given the model a positive rating
Another fantastic model from Geoffro, You can never go wrong with his work!!!
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