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CGTrader now supports Marmoset Viewer embeds

August 2nd, 2018

CGTrader now supports Marmoset Viewer embeds

You've asked for it and now it's here – from now on you can have Marmoset Viewer 360° 3D previews embedded in your product pages! We have been looking for a secure option to let your customers interact with the model and see it from all sides before purchase, and we believe we picked the best solution.

To see how it looks on CGTrader, check the Marmoset embed used in this Katana Sword product page.

CGTrader now supports Marmoset Viewer embeds 1
Full screen view

CGTrader now supports Marmoset Viewer embeds 2
Layer view

How to create a preview file

To create a preview, you need to have Toolbag 3 installed. You can download the free 30-day trial copy here. Import your model into the Toolbag, set up your scene and export the Marmoset Viewer (.mview) file. The process is pretty simple and Marmoset has all the questions covered in this short video:

Marmoset Viewer introduction video by Marmoset

CGTrader now supports Marmoset Viewer embeds 3

Exporting a Marmoset Viewer file

How to add the embed to your CGTrader product page
Select the Marmoset preview option in the 3D model publisher and upload the .mview file.

That's it! You will be able to see the embedded preview in the product page. Use these controls to make the most of the viewer:

CGTrader now supports Marmoset Viewer embeds 4

Viewer controls

If you are unable to use Marmoset Toolbag to generate 360° previews, we recommend uploading additional preview images from all sides (including previews of the mesh) and adding a YouTube or Vimeo preview for your model.


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frnmrz wrote
Albeit not suitable for every single model or scene around, this seems like a huge improvement to me. Well done
salexniks2 wrote
This is great news! Thanks cgtrader :)
charly-1 wrote
Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you very much for this!!!
Bystro wrote
Not bad
3DHaupt wrote
Cool :)
3DHaupt wrote
3DHaupt :)
Evermore3d wrote
Don't work with my model only seeing a dark screen when click on play
vis-all-3d wrote
I have the same problem :(
Mit-ua wrote
homestudios wrote
Good one idea... Even for highpoly jewelry)) Needs some practiсe in fact, but /.. I say - good/ WL use it)
Polygonal-Miniatures wrote
Good feature! It does not display the embedded high res thumbnail. Can this be fixed? I know it works on artstation... See here for example:
piyushp7879 wrote
Very Good... Thanks for Marmoset Viewer.
piyushp7879 wrote
Great... Very useful for buyer.
darrenham wrote
Noker wrote
animatedheaven wrote
Very nice update, unfortunately marmoset tool bag is not free, I will upload a vimeo video !
ivan-ia wrote
Be extremely careful when using this format. There is a possibility that Your work may be stolen.
saart188 wrote
just what we needed