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Join the upcoming Panel with Stephen Burks: Who owns the future (of design)?

February 23rd, 2017

Join the upcoming Panel with Stephen Burks: Who owns the future (of design)?

Who Owns the Future (Of Design)? With A/D/O Designer-in-Residence Stephen Burks.

Most of what we know of as design today happens without resulting in a physical product.

Nearly every design related industry and profession trades in digital files, including product design, graphic design, gaming, interiors and architecture, yet for some reason most designers see data as part of the process and choose not to acknowledge its independent value as intellectual property.

In fact, most designs are not protected in the digital realm, a seemingly alternate reality that rivals the physical world in terms of design users.

In an open discussion from the forefront of proprietary data in the age of computer generated files, platform distribution and design for digital production, we will attempt to find out, who owns the future?

What time is the Panel? FEBRUARY 24th, 2017 PANEL: 6-8pm

How do I register? Follow This link for free registration to the panel.


Stephen Burks, A/D/O Designer-in-Residence and founder, Stephen Burks Man Made

Ginvile Ramanauskaite, Head of Marketing, CGTrader

Janki Gause, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Source3

Marcus Moore, Intellectual Property and Data Analyst, Source3


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