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Introducing Reputation: Score Your Talent

June 26th, 2013

Introducing Reputation: Score Your Talent

Community is a crucial element of the digital society. Usually marketplaces do care about the customers and the potential wealth they are expected to bring. So, they build want-buy-sell relationship, based on the principle of hierarchy between a seller and buyer. does not believe in this. We choose to care by having a professional artist community and becoming the most community-friendly platform for 3D designers.

In order to raise our family of artists and to ensure nothing but pleasure for both buyers and sellers we are introducing several new features of a marketplace allowing to express opinion, to like, to share and to build your own reputation. These will help the community members to show off their skills, achievements and to present their 3D models to every visitor of in the most attractive way.

According to the reputation rate of the each designer, every time you visit marketplace, you will see a list of top designers. Reputation feature indicates the strenght of activity within the community. Everything counts: the number of uploaded 3D models, customer and colleague feedback, rating, comments, downloads, sales and purchases of the models. All of these actions will add up to a reputation score, which will be visible in the designer list and profile. We believe that this update will help designers to get more visibility and as a result - to increase their sales. Moreover, 3D designers, who do not sell as much models as they would like to, have a possibility to attract more attention by being showcased in the top list.

A scheme of collecting reputation score is extremely simple. In your dashboard there is a list of actions you performed at and the amount of points you did receive. You can check here, how many points each of the following actions will bring to you:

  • Each upload of a 3D model +3 points
  • Every download of your free 3D model +1 point
  • Every sale of your 3D model +5 points
  • Leaving a comment +1 point
  • A positive rating of your 3D model +3 points
  • A negative rating of your 3D model -3 points
  • Purchasing a 3D model +1 point

Introducing Reputation: Score Your Talent 1

Obviously, as all the artists 3D designers love receiving feedback from their congenials and buyers. Impressions, advices, notes are always more than welcome. But while there are dozens of great models at you may become speechless if you try to comment each of it. Instead just click beloved 'like' button and let a designer to know that his work has impressed you.

Statistics is what definitely inspires a seller. Most of you kept asking how to get more of it, concerning each of your models. Now you are able to check a number of views for each 3D model that brings the popularity to you. Moreover, if you have any free models, the amount of downloads will be provided on the item page.

Please note that views and downloads are only counted since June 15

Do not become a couch potato, be active within the community, get in touch with other designers, share your ideas and increase your sales! First of all, introduce yourself to the community by updating your personal account, adding your photo and providing general information about you as a 3D designer. This will build trust with fellow designers on CGTrader. Secondly, consider uploading a few free 3D models and let others download them. It advances your reputation rapidly, and helps getting more visibility for your personal profile and 3D models. Thirdly, like and comment, like and comment, and once again - like and comment the models by others. It is a basis for the reversible relationship among the community members.

All of these features have been established in order to make your trading easier and pleasurable, but for the most important for us is to strengthen our community by guaranteeing direct communication not only between a seller and a buyer, but also among every single member of 3D designer family.

Introducing Reputation: Score Your Talent 2

If you have any ideas, proposals, examples, notes or anything that you think is a must-have-thing for the community based 3D model marketplace - let us know. We call you to create this community altogether. Do you accept the challenge?


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