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500k Users, 500k Models: CGTrader Is Now The Biggest

May 27th, 2016

500k Users, 500k Models: CGTrader Is Now The Biggest

Thanks to our users, CGTrader is now not only the best stock 3D model marketplace, it's also the biggest! At 500,000 users and 500,000 models, we have grown large, and we have no intention of stopping! Can't even say that the sky's the limit, because we aim to soar even higher!

"Nothing would have been achieved without the great community of 3D designers and industry professionals. You are the creative people who make the industry grow, something we are very much interested in! Every modeler, every designer and artist contributes to the strength of this artistic field. And together, we can achieve a lot more!", - said Dalia Lašaitė, CEO of CGTrader.

500k Users, 500k Models: CGTrader Is Now The Biggest 1

Our auspicious beginnings saw a lot of trust placed in our website, as CGTrader received investment from Practica Capital and Intel Capital. And we grew fast; during 2014, we more than doubled our user count, and then doubled that count in 2015. That year also saw the beginning of our Microsoft partnership and the launch of our jobs section. Things are looking even better this year, as we hit the 400,000 user mark just this March, and we’re already at 500,000 at the end of May!

Over time, CGTrader developed just as the industry of 3D modeling did. In response to the changing industry, CGTrader operates by separating models into three types: CG, Low Poly (or real time 3D assets) and 3D printable models. These are separated into several categories. CGTrader is always keeping up with market trends as an increase demand for Low Poly models for highly improving VR and game industries. For example, the best-selling CG categories are animals, science/medical and food. Meanwhile, best selling low poly models come from animals, space and tree/plant categories. As for 3D printable models, most people are interested in miniatures, science and fashion (in that order).

Top buyers of our creators' wares come from video game, advertising, animation/ video and architectural industries. There is growing interest from medical, VR and design spheres. Most buyers are business founders, followed by illustrators and 3D artists as well as art directors. This reflects the fact the we do business with many small studios employing up to 50 people.

Geographically, most of our buyers come from Western Europe and the USA. Of course, we’re a global business and our artists attract buyers from 113 countries total. Our creatives are also an international bunch, with models uploaded from 108 countries, with Ukraine, USA, Poland and Russia being the leaders.

And people do love looking at the models. Our top three uploaders have gathered 10.5 million views. These three luminaries are Evermotion (4.8M views), Squir3D (3.3M views) and Hum3D (2.4M views). Other than gawking at each other’s models, our community likes to post galleries: we have 6141 galleries posted, with 190.500 images uploaded between them all. They have also made 2671 forum posts!

CGTrader likes to keep the community on their toes; that’s why we’ve hosted 13 3D print, 14 CG and 5 low polygon challenges since January 2015. Our users are actively participating in them. Over 3000 contestants submitted 7300 entries, winning and sharing $48,000 worth of prizes such as software licenses, 3D Printers, filament rolls and CGTrader merch.

After all, it is the designers that make CGTrader grow. They love our royalty rates that go up to 90%, they like our system that lets them communicate with the customers without interruptions and they adore our freelance job system that connects those in need with the creatives.

Thank YOU for making this happen!


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WOW! There are many 3d-artists in Ukraine, perhaps
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Amazing! Keep going!
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Big pleasure work with CGTRADER!
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Perfect, feels goooood !!
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Congrats to CGTrader! I guess it's about time for big old dinosaurs in this buisness to step up their game or else they might lose :]
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Go Dalia!! She is awesome and was the one who brought me on board!!! CGT rocks!!
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Awesome. Good news. Actually we thank you :)
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CRAZY CGTRADER! Your Awesome... Love working with you!
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Congrats CGtrader! It's good to hear that the best one wins. I like CGtader. Go on like this....
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