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4 Apr 2024

3D Animation in Advertising: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

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3D animation is not new. But, it’s out of the picture either. In fact, 3D animated ads have now become a primary choice for marketers who have more technical products, or ideas that are abstract, and would be better painted in a virtual world.

In this blog, we’ll discover how getting 3D animation services for your advertisement, can be an absolute game changer for your advertising campaigns. We’ll see how exactly it can help you elevate your brand messaging, establish a distinct and top-of-the-line positioning, and make your brand stand out from the rest of the world.

So, make sure to give it a read!

Make it understandable in an effortless way

First thing you want to do when starting off with 3D animated advertising is to be aware of creating something simple.

Something that would explain your product in a fun way. There’s no point in creating colorful product videos, if they don’t speak to the mind of your customer, and convince them that your product should easily be on top of their mind.

To make it easily understandable to your audience, you can always count on animated advertising. Here are four ways 3D animation unlocks attention, and excitement in your advertising campaigns.

Create immersive brand experiences

Some of the best video ads took a mixed media approach, and leveraged 3D animation to their advantage.

This is probably the most important reason you would want to invest in 3D animation. Animated content is generally loved by viewers, regardless of their interest. Animated videos have the power to evoke strong emotion, creating a moment of awe for the audience.

Fantastical characters speaking to the mind of your audience add a new level of intrigue to your brand narrative.

Besides, if you can simply animate your product, and demonstrate with cool motion graphics, you’re likely to grab and hold the attention of your viewer for a few more precious seconds.

That’s something most of the digital brands tend to miss out on completely. They lose the prospect in the first few seconds. Content is good, but it’s not great. Experience may be enticing, but since that’s a mix of what everyone’s delivering already, the brand experience is not immersive.

What happens when you use 3D animation for your product is that you can showcase the product in a three-dimensional space, which is close to reality, and your audience would certainly buy into your presentation more quickly than when you show off a flat, 2D presentation.

So, ideally speaking if you’ve a product that needs to be presented in the most pleasant way possible, you can choose to stand out from the crowd with the help of 3D animated ads.

Discover new and creative ways to unfold your message

This one applies to any form of animation. Let’s first talk about live-action ads. Your creativity is limited by the actors, crew members, and the set you’ve, or the quality of your equipment. Even if you’ve green screen, you need a hefty budget for VFX. We just cannot overlook that.

On the flip side of things, when you look at any form of animation, you’ve the freedom to ideate and create the way you want. You can dive into fantasies, bring characters in stories that are not realistic, but would naturally appeal to anyone.

Interestingly, you’ve no limit with animation. 3D animation gets even better when you’ve abstract ideas and concepts that can’t be explained with tangible stuff. It might be even better for your SaaS product.

Let’s say you’ve a SaaS tool that integrates with your Smart watch, and your mobile phone. It helps you keep fit. You’ve mindfulness music therapy, audio books, fitness exercises, calorie tracker, and even 1:1 gym coaching.

Using 3D animation to showcase this tool would take the experience to a whole new level.

Add great aesthetic value to your brand content

3D is not reasonable. It’s pricey, and often takes a lot of time. And, there's a good reason for that. 3D animation adds a depth of realism to your design work. It brings a high quality of appeal to your product.

You can even theme your brand content in 3D. It’s likely to make a solid impression on the mind of your customer. 3D is far more interactive than 2D, and you can even glue more eyes to the screen, thus giving you more time with your prospect.

One good reason to invest in 3D animated advertising is not only the quality, but also the nostalgia that comes with it. 3D animated movies hold a special place in our hearts, and would remember characters from Toy Story 3, Shrek 2, Kung Fu Panda for the years to come.

Leveraging 3D animation to tease your product story gives you the opportunity to tap into the emotional brain of your audience, and trigger the nostalgia for your own good. You’ve the chance to create a product story that will be remembered for years. You can do that with 3D animated advertising.

Leverage 3D animation to create more personalized customer experiences

Here’s the last one. But don’t mistake it for any less in significance. In fact, this one holds immense value for advertisers. 3D animation is bound to help you elevate your marketing game, and even make your competitors jealous. Or let’s say you set the bar so high, that they start following you instantly.

Here’s how you can achieve that using 3D animated advertising. Nike and Adidas have made use of augmented reality to showcase their shoes on websites. You now have a 360 view of the entire shoe.

The experience is immersive, it’s better, and probably more convincing for someone buying a shoe online. You too can create something similar. Something that will be talked about by the best of marketers.

Just ask yourself if your product would be demonstrated better using 3D animation. And, how you can create a personalized, and memorable experience for your customer. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always rely on professional 3D animation services to produce your ads on a budget.

Wrap up

Let’s wrap this one up. In this blog, we covered five interesting ways you can leverage 3D animation for your ad campaigns, leaving you a class apart from the rest of the world. 3D animation is dynamic, and beautiful. It can explain complex ideas with ease, and in a matter of seconds. No need for long blocks of texts. Your prospects watch videos, and you can create truly immersive digital experiences with 3D. Moreover, there’s no limit to ideation; you’re not bound by actors, crew members or your shooting location. 3D animation can bring great aesthetic value to your content. Last but not least, you can leverage 3D animation to create more personalized experiences for your customers.