SimplePoly Urban - Low Poly Assets Low-poly 3D model

SimplePoly Urban is a massive pack of low poly assets perfect for creating modern city environments and natural landscapes. All models in this package are well optimized and polygon count of models is between 10 - 2000.

- This package also includes SimplePoly Buildings - Low Poly Assets pack.
- Modern and unique buildings and props
- A massive collections of roads, bridges, road signs and road props
- A big collections of vehicles including land, trains, water and air vehicles
- You can easily create factory, port, airport, train station, stadium and city environment.
- Mountains
- Terrain with two variations grass and sand
- Rivers
- Stones, clouds, trees, bush and more


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artem290993 wrote
Nice models
lukass12 wrote
I love it
onlyasif wrote
Really Interesting!!!
vivala0067 wrote
One of the best low poly cities that I saw -_-
vencreations replied to vivala0067
Thank you. We're glad you like this city.
filippo123 wrote
if i download this do i get to use the models as prefabs in unity with already texture attached? i'm asking because in the description it says that there are no materials.looks great btw.
vencreations replied to filippo123
Yes, you can use it in Unity. Before that you need to assign texture to material inside Unity 3D. For your kind information we already in Unity Asset Store @!/search/page=1/sortby=popularity/query=publisher:19573
hoursenghong wrote
Look dope. 30 is way too cheap for these. Are they UV unwrapped?
vencreations replied to hoursenghong
Thank you for your comments! Yes it's UV unwrapped for texturing.
hoursenghong replied to vencreations
If I were going to use it in UE4, I'm not going to get overlapping, right? Just trying make sure.
vencreations replied to hoursenghong
Actually we use and sell all our assets on Unity Assets Store, all are working fine on Unity3D. But i don't know about UE4, i think our assets working fine on UE4 also why because it's working fine on Unity. In future we have a plan to sell our assets on UE Market Place also!
soetheby wrote
I've purchased this model. I loved the model itself but as I am using Cinema4D it is painful to try reassign every texture to every model manually. Is there a way I can get the conversion to .c4d or .obj? I try request free file format conversion and got no response. thank you. :)
vencreations replied to soetheby
Thank you for your purchasing. We have replied to your conversation mail, so please view conversation. Thank you!
r2twix wrote
To which Models/Buildings do the SPB_..... Textures belong ?
vencreations replied to r2twix
It's belongs SPB_....... models in the main scene(SPW_Urban).
jimone wrote
Bonjour, je ne trouve pas le model de l’hôtel avec la piscine sur le toit, a t-il était oublier ? Hello, I can not find the model of the hotel with the pool on the roof, was it forgetting?
vencreations replied to jimone
Hello you can find it in the main scene(SPW_Urban).
jimone replied to vencreations
Bonjour, après un recherche manuelle impossible de trouver l’hôtel dans la scène principal. Hello, after a manual search impossible to find the hotel in the main stage.
vencreations replied to jimone
Wait for few minutes we will check and update it soon.
vencreations replied to jimone
Hello, We updated it, now you can find Hotel model and all other SimplePoly Buildings models in /Models/Urban/Buildings/SPB.......... Thank You!
jimone replied to vencreations
Merci de votre rapidité,,, Je suis très satisfait par votre travail et de votre produit. thank you for your speed ,,, I am very satisfied with your work and your product.
vencreations replied to jimone
Thanks for the comments! We're glad you like our assets!.
timonroe wrote
I'm thinking about buying... will you convert to .blend and .max ?
vencreations replied to timonroe
Hello, We did replied to your conversation mail.
timonroe wrote
Hi. Just bought this model and have no experience with 3D models or software. I'm using Blender (cause it's free) and loaded in all of the .fbx files. Now I want to apply all of the texture files (.png) that are in the Texture folders. How do I import these textures and have them apply to the model objects? Must be a way to do this automatically as I can't imagine having to apply each texture to an object one at a time.
vencreations replied to timonroe
Hello, We added .blend file format in this pack, so you can directly use it in Blender software. Thank you!
timonroe replied to vencreations
Thank you! An really appreciate that you took care of this on the weekend!!
benny-an wrote
When I import FBX into 3ds Max, there is no texture or any color for the modules, I also try the FBX review and Blender and it is same. Please help me, thanks!
vencreations replied to benny-an
Hello, We updated it. Your issue has been resolved, now you can download the updated FBX files and use it in 3ds Max, Blender or any software you like. Now all works fine. Thanks!
hknoblauch wrote
It's amazing. I would easily pay 250 USD for this.
brnpatel wrote
Hello. Using Maya and I just imported the OBJ for the "tree", but the .MTL file comes up a "File not recognized" error. How do you texture the objects using the MTL file?
vencreations replied to brnpatel
Hi, We replied through conversation mail, Thanks.
vara wrote
Hi... I using Maya. How How can I import .obj or .fbx with texture to Maya?
vencreations replied to vara
Hi Vara, We replied through conversation mail, Thanks.
cross-hairs3d wrote
if i get it, does it comes separated or comes as a full city? it looks better like a big city. it looks like the best low poly models ever.
vencreations replied to cross-hairs3d
Yes, the demo scene(full city) is included with this pack, Thanks.
Gamelover wrote
Really amazing models I loved it
vencreations replied to Gamelover
Thanks for the comment! We're glad you like this assets!.
Gamelover replied to vencreations
I'm glad too to found this beautiful city waiting for my salary to arrive and I'll buy it thank you
cityenginer wrote
I love these models! However I'm having issues with the textures loading. With the obj files the mtl files don't seem to have texture paths & I have to change the Tr values to 1... or am I missing something?
vencreations replied to cityenginer
Hi, We replied through conversation mail, Thanks.
cityenginer replied to vencreations
Thanks for replying, to anyone reading this thread the response was quick and helpful, especially for a newbie :)
miaomiao3d wrote
Great Model and amazing customer support! I bought this model and had some problems getting it to work on my low end computer. Turns out all the problems were caused by my computer because the model is flawless and imports into Blender and Unity with full textures and shaders perfectly. I highly recommend this model!
vencreations replied to miaomiao3d
Thanks for the review! We're glad you like our assets!
miaomiao3d replied to vencreations
Yes! It is awesome! Once I have some screen shots from my game I will try posting them for you to see :) Please follow me on CGtrader in case I forget though. Have a great weekend!
vencreations replied to miaomiao3d
Yes, Of course. We are eager to see your work!
perales-lucia wrote
I work with C4D, can i use .obj?
vencreations replied to perales-lucia
Hi perales-lucia, We replied through conversation mail, Thanks.
miaomiao3d wrote
This model is fantastic! It worked in my game. Here is the first video but please subscribe to the channel as there will soon be a version where the cars can tour the city.
totertod wrote
Really great set of models! I am using Blender and importing obj/fbx works fine except the textures are not locate/imported. Is there a way to fix it?! It's rather time consuming to set the texture for each model on my own.
vencreations replied to totertod
Hi, It will automatically import textures. We replied through conversation mail, Thanks.
extobias replied to vencreations
Hi, i have the same issue. I tried with Blender, models are ok but textures dont import automatically. Can you help me? Nice models btw!
vencreations replied to extobias
OK, We replied through conversation mail, Thanks.
miaomiao3d wrote
These models are fantastic and here are more videos about how they work inside of Unity
miaomiao3d wrote
Great Set Worked great in my game Now you can see the latest videos where you can see a walk through of most of the set. It runs smoothly in the game engine!
jblanken wrote
arturo28id wrote
amazing art!
ttt wrote
passkcp wrote
yentyzenty wrote
Great for a sims type game! :D
3DElement wrote
ashishsb87 wrote
wow. Looks too good!!!!
pkhl45d wrote
One never has all the urban assets one needs!
piyushp7879 wrote
tomderuiter-hhw wrote
Where is the .blend file?
archinatalia wrote
Very nice
IgorMontana wrote
tasosssss wrote
israsega wrote
3djv wrote
Which Tool did you used?
bihari5 wrote
Hi! I'm really interested in this collection of assets, however, I have some questions. As I understand (based on the conversations in the comment section) you also have a .blend format avialable, am I right? The other question I have is that I would also need a few different types of roundabouts but I haven't seen them in the preview pictures avialable. How difficult would it be for a somewhat beginner to modify the assets to create these extra assets? Thank you for your answers!
vencreations replied to bihari5
Hi! Yes, we have .blend file also. For more questions please do conversation mail. Thank you.
lnalkman wrote
jacopux8 wrote
Nice :)
okko05 wrote
Textures aren't import automatically when import .fbx or .obj file to Blender. Help me please.
vencreations replied to okko05
Textures will import automatically, if you import in right way. We replied through conversation mail, Thanks.
okko05 replied to vencreations
Thank you very much for your support. :D
kruerm01 wrote
mohmano95 wrote
Why you lower the price of your model ? Hi all, I've recently had something to do with cutting down on models by designers, and that seems to me to be a little negative because it seems to me that it will completely eliminate this area and it will undervalue it. Some designers may spend a month designing a model To put it at a very low price is a great effort and take a little price I know that if you reduce the price of your model will doubt the psyche of the customer as he begins to doubt about its quality sorry for prolongation, but I hope all designers to pay attention to this point thank you.
k-guillet358 wrote
k-guillet358 wrote
rddebo1 wrote
arto10 wrote


extobias has given the model a positive rating
Nice assets!. Some building, like bank are not correctly mapped, but nothing to worry
trksnoos has given the model a positive rating
versatile content ready to use ... thanks
kctv has given the model a positive rating
Great asset(s) and vencreations immediately responded to my request via comments and made sure I had everything I needed. Totally recommended and the price of the SimplePoly_Urban and SimplePoly_Farm asset(s) for what they include is just bonkers.
sabsamsmith has given the model a negative rating
I was really excited in buying this, thinking I can use it as a background , but I can’t . I did not know that I needed soooo much extra stuff to use with it. I was just looking for small town pictures on google and saw it. It looks like its a great tool but I can’t use it at all :(
laurent01 has given the model a positive rating
Really useful asset. The ready made scene including all the assets is really helpful, so you don't have to browse and select the files element by element. It saved me a lot of time on my project.
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  • Publish date2016-10-27
  • Model ID#658464
  • Animated No
  • Rigged No
  • VR / AR / Low-poly Yes(approved)
  • PBR No
  • Geometry Polygon mesh
  • Polygons 2,000
  • Vertices 2,400
  • Textures Yes
  • Materials Yes
  • UV Mapping Yes
  • Unwrapped UVs
  • Plugins used No