PBR 10 20 40 ft Shipping Cargo Container - Collection Pack

PBR 10 20 40 ft Shipping Cargo Container - Collection Pack


TOTAL MODELS = 32 in 1 Models

Game ready For Unity(Standard), Unity HD Render Pipeline, Unreal Engine and etc include Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Movies/Film, Interior/Exterior design and other real-time apps. Made for use in Video Games but you can use it for basically anything.

All textures are include in zip file, textures map for PBR MetalRough, Unity(Standard), Unity HD Render Pipeline, Unreal Engine, Arnold, V-Ray, Renderman, Redshift, KeyShot, Maxwell, Spark AR Studio and More!!!

Note : - DOWNLOAD PDF Catalog >>>>> https://bit.ly/2XBcD9f <<<<< DOWNLOAD PDF Catalog


PBR 10ft Storage Container(Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- http://bit.ly/39Qu4qo
PBR 10ft Storage Container(Black)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2yQpWsS
PBR 10ft Storage Container(Green)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/3aFMJF7
PBR 10ft Storage Container(Red)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2KH8YjE
PBR 10ft Storage Container(Orange)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/3bHGKks
PBR 10ft Storage Container(White)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2Sdj4Nc
PBR 20ft Cargo Container v1(Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2W2KYwp
PBR 20ft Cargo Container v1(Black)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2SdtlsN
PBR 20ft Cargo Container v1(Green)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2xWeOuN
PBR 20ft Cargo Container v1(Red)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2W3q40d
PBR 20ft Cargo Container v1(Orange)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2S9T9WE
PBR 20ft Cargo Container v1(White)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- http://bit.ly/3cL13ON
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Black)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2WP9uCy
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2WO99zS
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Blue Dark)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2CvQX7r
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Blue Light)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2WPKHOI
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Red)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/30HmOtD
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Green)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/30JrG1B
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Green Dark)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/3hs8kVt
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Green Light)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/2ORYDn6
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(Orange)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/39ltrpF
PBR 20 ft Cargo Container V2(White)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Links- https://bit.ly/3eW05zg
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Black)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/33fyeYL
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Blue)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/311V0Aw
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Blue Dark)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/30iUAqo
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Blue Light)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/2BObkMJ
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Green)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/3jXYrkh
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Green Dark)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/39NDRPa
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Green Light)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/2DnpTan
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Red)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/2Xk4O81
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(Orange)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/3k0Nvm6
PBR 40ft Cargo Container(White)x(Clean,Dirty,Rusty) Link- https://bit.ly/3jXemQ5

3DTGRL 2022-04-06 01:49:04 UTC
nice work
Item rating
6 0
rcreative 2021-11-04 00:33:34 UTC
Great looking model with lots of detail
coledb1 2021-09-23 20:31:35 UTC
Great stuff, but for the sanity of future customers, PLEASE clean up these downloads.. painful!
experienss 2021-09-11 23:04:09 UTC
IMPORTANT: from the download page, do not "Download the Full Collection" or even one of the model's collection with the download shortcut right next to its name; there's something wrong with CGTrader's interface for that, the archives throw errors when unzipped and the content is not up to date. Click on the model (ex: "PBR 10 ft Storage Container - Black Model Files") and download each folder separately. The author was very responsive in helping me out until we debugged this. Other than this, the models are very nicely designed and textured. There's even the Substance painter file for all of them. (I wish the models had different material groups to ease re-texturing though; if you don't use Substance, there's only one mesh and one material group for the whole model!)
PBR 10 20 40 ft Shipping Cargo Container - Collection Pack
Royalty Free License 
PBR 10 20 40 ft Shipping Cargo Container - Collection Pack
Royalty Free License 
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3D Modeling
Low-poly Modeling
UV mapping
PBR modeling

3D Collection formats

Format limitations
  • Autodesk Maya(.ma) 32/32
  • Autodesk Maya(.mb) 32/32
  • Autodesk 3ds Max(.max) 32/32
  • Marmoset Toolbag(.tbscene) 32/32
  • Marmoset Toolbag(.tbmat) 32/32
  • Substance Painter(.spp) 32/32
  • Substance Painter(.sbsar) 32/32
  • Autodesk FBX(.fbx) 32/32
  • OBJ(.obj) 32/32
  • OBJ(.mtl) 32/32
  • 3D Studio(.3ds) 32/32
  • Collada(.dae) 32/32
  • Alembic(.abc) 32/32
  • Unity 3D(.unitypackage) 32/32
  • Unity 3D(.prefab) 32/32
  • UnrealEngine(.uasset) 32/32
  • glTF(.gltf) 32/32
  • glTF(.glb) 32/32
  • USDZ(.usdz) 32/32

3D Collection details

  • Publish date2020-08-07
  • Collection ID#2548431
  • Animated 0/32
  • Rigged 0/32
  • VR / AR / Low-poly 32/32
  • PBR 32/32