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Winners of the CGTrader Annual Scholarship 2018 announced

January 4th, 2019

Winners of the CGTrader Annual Scholarship 2018 announced

For a couple of years now, CGTrader has been organizing an annual scholarship for students around the globe inviting them to dig into the field of technology. The way we see our future now has drastically changed since technologies are evolving faster than ever. Last year, we encouraged students to think of how life on a spaceship would look like. Will it be an exciting experience? Will it change our daily habits forever? Or maybe, it will be a change to which it will be difficult or even impossible to adapt?

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Winners of the CGTrader Scholarship 2017 announced

February 9th, 2018

Winners of the CGTrader Scholarship 2017 announced

Last year, CGTrader invited students from around the world to take a look at how games could be used for social good and playful learning. Our staff had a wonderful time reading their essays and voting for the best ones. We want to thank everyone for participating and congratulate Allison Smith, a student from Medical Lake High School, on winning first place and the $2,000 scholarship with her essay.

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The jury has voted: we now have Sports & Hobbies challenge winners

December 20th, 2017

The jury has voted: we now have Sports & Hobbies challenge winners

In the Fall, we were running a Sports & Hobbies themed 3D challenge. We know, quite some time has passed since the challenge was closed, but we have finally decided the winners and hope to get the amazing prizes delivered before the holidays start :) So, without further ado, let’s see who created the models that left the judges in awe.

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3D Challenge: Designer Schwag is over and the winners are…

December 11th, 2017

3D Challenge: Designer Schwag is over and the winners are…

In the end of summer we closed one of the most complex 3D design challenges on CGTrader so far Designer Schwag. After all the technical reviews, countless emails, iterations, and long discussions we finally have the winners!

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“Designing for the future: Trends we need to consider now” Blogging Competition is now over

August 11th, 2017

“Designing for the future: Trends we need to consider now” Blogging Competition is now over

From the end of May till the 1 st of August bloggers around the world were challenged to think about designing for the future. From fashion to architecture, from graphic design to brands or products - everyone working and interested in different fields had been welcomed and could participate in the contest organized by CGTrader. The task was simple and yet required going deeper into the field of interest, provide insights and make own inferences. A number of bloggers joined the contest “Designing for the future: trends we need to consider now” and we had a truly hard time selecting the best ones. So after all these reviews, we are now happy to announce the winners of the contest and share the best of the best blog posts with you.

The 1 st place of our blogging contest is awarded to Garette Johnson, an artist and trend analyst. Garette’s fields of interest as well as her professional experiences are extremely wide, so her interesting inferences and broader multidisciplinary approach to analyzing any specific tendency should not be surprising. And that is what caught our attention so much. In her blog post, Garette linked together ideas of global citizenship, current trend of blurring line between homes and offices, the concept of non- and third-places, entertainment and retail to present key trends in travel hubs architecture. In a concise but deep article, she speaks about six major changes in society which are going to influence changes in place design the most. Some of the predictions may seem unreal, but all of them are indeed well grounded and gives food for further thought. Thanks to Garette for all the insights and we invite you all to read her article here.

It wasn’t an easy choice between the 1 st and 2nd place, either. Deborah Main, the 2nd place winner of the blogging contest, has grabbed the attention from the very beginning as well because of an unexpected point of view towards “what is trend” in general touching upon very important aspect of trend adoption and human nature of actually sticking to what they like no matter what and the very basic needs that no trends can influence. Deborah gives us an introduction about what trends are in general and why some things, for instance minimalism, could not be considered as the one. Looking from the perspective of an experienced 60-year-old, Deborah talks about demographic changes in the society and how those will affect home design. After a short discussion on design trends currently seen, she gives us four future predictions. The article is full of amazing insights from the industry experts, but her own strong beliefs and links made are just admirable. This is a long read, but time flies fast when you read Deborah’s article. We invite you to also check it here.


Speaking of the 3rd place winning blog post, it is a talent to talk about details and cover the full spectrum of the issues in the field that is so enhancing. Even if you are not a graphic designer yourself or a big fan of the field, you are still likely to get consumed by the post, just like by a good advertisement or movie. Using light writing style, he talks about graphic design trends which are happening today and how they will evolve in the near future. Just like the previous winners, Basir gives us a clearly structured post full of facts, which give the answers to the questions about what and why things are changing exactly in the way they are.

Even if our duty was to find only the people worth winning the competition, there are three more posts we highly recommend reading as it would be just a shame not to share it. Having a broad topic gave bloggers a chance to write whatever they want to discuss, and that is why there are so many great reviews. When a person has speaks about the issues that really interests him or her, it is impossible for something to be boring. So, don’t miss the following three as well:

Blogpost about presentation trends by Stephanie Fulton

A non-conformist view towards landscape and architecture by Benjamid Boyd

Design-marketing trends by Clar Lynch

Thank you all for sharing your opinions about the design trends! If predictions come true, the future will be indeed interesting. We are looking forward to seeing you in other challenges and if you want to read more of the submissions – just check #designingforthefuture on Twitter!

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