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Meet our team at FMX2018 in Stuttgart

April 11th, 2018

Meet our team at FMX2018 in Stuttgart

On April 24-27, CGTrader will be participating in the largest gathering of professionals from CG and VFX industries in Germany at the FMX 2018. The massive event will take place in Stuttgart and will feature artists, animators, game, VR, AR, technology and business developers from around the world.

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Editor's Choice: VFX Reels That Will Inspire All The Animators Out There

August 11th, 2016

Editor's Choice: VFX Reels That Will Inspire All The Animators Out There

Everybody needs to be inspired sometimes. Especially when one is doing such hard and intensive work as animation or VFX. Well, lucky for you, we have editors scouring internet for the tastiest morsels of inspiration. We present to you the editor's choice of VFX reels that will inspire you to reach new heights in your craft!

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March 1st, 2013

'Green Spring': The Crusade For VFX

St. Patrick's day and calendar spring have nothing to do with the green virus spreading on the internet. Facebook and Twitter icons, hashtags, blog posts and discussions on this topic, shots from movies without VFX are mainstream trends of the week, showing solidarity with the VFX and animation community.

This explosive topic has been discussed behind the closed doors in the studios by VFX masters for a long time. Suddenly the issue reached a peak and bursted out. Recent events inspired particular people to act accordingly. A blog was also launched revealing the artistry of VFX designers and demonstrating just the canvas of the most popular movies. In two days that blog received more than 2500 followers. Solidarity groups on social media are accumulating flows of fans reaching nearly 70K.

Just try to imagine award-winning movies without the hard work and facilities of VFX and artists... It would be nothing else, but mostly green or blue screens with actors dressed in the highly funny costumes. Guess, would they get any Oscars then? I doubt it.

The so-called 'Green Spring' has begun the awakening of the majority of 3D artists' community. More virtual than real crusade for the better state of VFX creators has just started.

What Was Before It was 1902 when black-and-white, silent and the very first known sci-fi movie "A Trip to the Moon" was released by George and Gaston Méliès. 14 minute movie contains original animation and special effects. Representation of them is well revealed in an image of spaceship landing in the moon's eye. It was the first one to use miniatures: a technique which was followed by the creators of classic sci-fi franchises such as 'Star Wars' and "Star Trek'. And then the invasion of digitally created counterparts started. This is how the movie industry was turned upside down.

'Green Spring': The Crusade For VFX 1

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August 29th, 2012

Interview with Alex Huguet

We continue to interview best digital artists and this time we are glad to introduce an expert of 3D modeling, who could be a perfect example, how fantastic high-class 3D models should look like.

Alex Huguet is a professional Spanish digital artist currently living and continuing his career in United Kingdom, London. Mostly he is known for creating characters from sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres. However, you can also admire Alex for his incredible realistic characters. He has a great and varied portfolio as well as a unique experience in freelance work, commercials and movie making.

Interview with Alex Huguet 1

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