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3D Flora & Fauna Modeling Challenge: Grow New Worlds!

April 30th, 2014

3D Flora & Fauna Modeling Challenge: Grow New Worlds!

Welcome to the modern island of doctor Moreau. It is uninhabited. And it is not an island, to be precise. It is the redesigned version of CGTrader. No crazy doctor who creates human-like beings from animals via vivisection lives here. But a lot of talented professional 3D designers do.

We have a new interface, so, obviously, we need some plants and animals to inhabit it. Behold, it is the new challenge - 3D Flora & Fauna Modeling Challenge. Show us your knowledge on flora and fauna - create the most incredible 3D models of live creatures and we guarantee you some amazing prizes.

The authors of the best models and portfolios will be awarded with stocks for their “laboratories” of world creation. We have LightWave and ChronoSculpt licenses from LightWave 3D Group as well as handy stuff from Subburb, VizPark, Video Copilot and Itoo Software prepared for the winners. All you need to do is to come up with a great 3D model of animal or plant and take those prizes. Deadline is the 1st of July, 2014. Take your best shot at growing new worlds. Come on, do it! We know, you can.

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25 Photorealistic Landscape 3D Renderings: If Only Those Places Existed

April 24th, 2014

25 Photorealistic Landscape 3D Renderings: If Only Those Places Existed

After freezing cold winter finally came long waited spring. Just several steps separate us from the summertime all of us are dreaming about. Summer season for some of us means laying at the beach on the seaside, for others – riding a bike to work, going to the village for a rest, gathering berries in the forest, travelling abroad: climbing the mountains or maybe visiting exotic places.

Unfortunately, those several steps are still separating us from the warmest season through the year. Therefore, today one of the options what can be done is watching pictures of the extraordinary or maybe just simple, but extremely cozy places. Those places, which we will guide you through, are created by computer graphics artists. They cannot be found on our planet, but who says that traveling in your dreams is not traveling?

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WANTED: Bring The Best Designers To The 3D Model Supermarketplace!

April 4th, 2014

WANTED: Bring The Best Designers To The 3D Model Supermarketplace!

Have you ever lost something? Something you liked so much? How did it feel? I can imagine what answers are spinning around your head as everybody has experienced that feeling at least once in their lives. It happened for me, but I will not get into details as it is not my personal story I want to write about. You are wondering: “So what is that about?” It is all about the community of CGTrader.

CGTrader is missing something, but, actually, it is not about the loss. We miss something we have never had. Sounds sentimental, doesn’t it? Let’s be more specific: CGTrader community misses some artists, who have created amazing models. They have completely blown away a number of people and are strongly wanted by our buyers. So, it was decided – we should at least try to find those, who are desired so much by our community.

So, we came up with the idea to create “Wanted” campaign for those, who are missed by our community the most. We believe that with the help of the other designers, we can find out who are those great artists and this way try to enlarge our community even more.

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Portraits Of The 21st Century: The Most Photorealistic 3D Renderings Of Human Beings

December 9th, 2013

Portraits Of The 21st Century: The Most Photorealistic 3D Renderings Of Human Beings

As I was a little boy, I liked to watch old pictures of my relatives at my grandparents' house. Scrolling all that dusty photo paper - there was something mystical and spiritual in that. Looking into the eyes of my ancestors was so surreal. I knew that they have lived decades ago, but I was still hard to perceive the archived depiction of a moment. A moment which had happened long time ago, but that seemed to happen right now. Just frozen. Frozen emotions and depicted souls.

Photography was invented in the 19th century and it became a very popular way to immortalize the image of a person or a family. Later, the art of the portrait photography was refined throughout the 20th century. Remember those famous photos of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Martin Luther King and so on, and so on, and so on... There are so many magnificent pictures which gained popularity and now are worldwide-known.

Nowadays photography is a very popular hobby and an affordable activity for a lot of us. So making a portrait needed to reach higher heights to keep that miraculous effect of capturing a soul. 3D modeling is the new form of photography. That is why we decided to review the best of new 3D renderings of human beings.

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10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing

May 29th, 2013

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing

3D modeling brings you out of space. It loosens your hands and releases your fantasy. You can sculpt, combine, model, shape, form any most ridiculous object that contravenes physics and is far beyond the reality. Since is holding 3D Printing Competition, there are a few things each 3D designer must definitely know about.

When you design a print-ready model, a process of modeling changes a bit. While modeling 3D printable objects, you must always be aware of the reality. At least, a little. In order to answer all your questions and save your time, we offer to look through these guidelines to make sure that your modeling is going to the right and bright side. Special thanks to our 3D printing competition's sponsor 3DPrintUK for simple, but amazing visuals!

1. Forget Surfaces

Keep in mind that the walls of your 3D model must be thick enough. If you want a model to be 3D printed, a wall must be not less than 0,5 mm, 1mm would be your absolute guarantee. So, as 3DPrintUK reccomends, draw in solid bodies, because they are easier than surfaces. If you are not fully convinced, watch this video:

2. Shut Your Model's Face

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 1

Open faces do matter. To make it simple, an open face is where a model is missing a face from the surface of the part. In other words, an object must be so called waterproof. If there are any open faces left after your modeling, close them. If not, it will not be possible to 3D print it.

3. Separate Edges

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 2

Be aware that your 3D model must not contain any shared edges. Better replace it with a 0,1mm gap between two bodies or just overlap if parts have to be joined together. Otherwise, it results in a crash of 3D printed object. Damn.

4. Correct Normals

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 3

All surfaces of a designing model must have their normals pointing into the right direction. Happens that your 3D model contains inverted normals, so most of 3D printers cannot determine the inside or outside of your mesh.

5. Hollow Your Models

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 4

3DPrintUK advices to hollow out large volume objects. Hollowing saves you money, because filling model's inside with expensive material is pointless. Take a look at huge price differences! Only by hollowing a model, this designer has managed to save 80% of the amount!

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 5

6. Scale It Down, If You Can

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 6

Another way to reduce 3D printing price is to scale your model down. Think twice if you do not want to make it smaller. If you cut the size in half, you will reduce a printing price by eight times. Worth to consider.

7. Stay Within The Limits

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 7

3D printers have a particular volume which you cannot build larger than. If your model is larger than the build volume, either break it down into smaller individual components, or cut join lines through the model. Model reasonably.

8. Always Leave A Gap

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 8

While designing moving parts of a 3D model, always keep in mind to leave a gap between them. It must be at least 0,5mm in order not to stick and provide an unobstructed movement.

9. Keep It Stable

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 9

In the 3D printing's slang there is a so-called 'thin arm syndrome'. You must not leave thin arms with unsupported weight at the end. Especially after scaling a model down, be sure that the arms are strong enough to hold it. Moreover, shapeways reminds that your 3D model will always stand on its' feet, while a real one may keel over. So, consider the size of a character and the shape of contact area. It must not be significantly smaller. Or keep in mind that you always can add an artificial base for stability of a model. This is an example, how the size of contact area properly matches the dimensions of the object:

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 10

10. Model Characters Accurately

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 11

While modeling a 3D printable character, you must be careful about the details more than ever. Even the smallest part does matter. Make the arms and legs of your model strong enough. Just imagine Shrek, standing on two tiny legs. Do not forget that any surface details must be supported on at least one side of the another surface. Thinness of it should not be less than 0,4mm. Fingers are vulnareble part of a body. So, they are likely to break the first ones. Try to keep them together.

Put your character on two feet better than on one. If you want it to raise a leg, put it on a stone. Furthermore, avoid precisely small details. If you are not sure if you can print it out, better remove it. Do not experiment a lot in character's shape also, keep body parts going across or along X,Y or Z axes.

10 Tips For Modeling For 3D Printing 12

Yes, it is a lot to remember. But you can always follow these guideliness in order to design a proper 3D print-ready model. Do not think that these are the rules to restrict your creativity. We need it. That is why originality matters that much in our competition.

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