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​Marek Denko - pragmatic family guy, an artist picturing nostalgia, and mature CG professional

December 6th, 2016

​Marek Denko - pragmatic family guy, an artist picturing nostalgia, and mature CG professional

Today CGTrader team is talking with Marek Denko - a 3D artist born in Slovak Republic in 1980, and currently enjoying the life of a small town close to Prague in Czech Republic. Since 2007, Marek is running a design studio NoEmotion, which has worked on projects like Fallout 4 Power Armor and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege among others.

Both personal and client work made by Marek Denko and his team are always state of the art example of computer graphics, so we are extremely happy to have Marek sharing his experience with CGTrader community.

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Welcome to The Mind-Trap: 35 Most Photorealistic 3D Renderings

July 16th, 2013

Welcome to The Mind-Trap: 35 Most Photorealistic 3D Renderings

[Updated: 2016] Technology has turned the world upside down. It facilitates daily lives and substitutes our perception of the reality. The things that years ago seemed to be impossible suddenly became a constant. In 1936 BBC began transmitting the world's first public regular hi-definition service, in 1950 television was recognized as the main medium for molding public opinion, afterwards it has become a must-have domestic appliance and did not leave this position for a quite long time.

Back then people were thinking that technologists achieved a lot and there is nowhere to move forward. Then the internet came to shake the whole world. Most companies cannot work these days if the office loses internet connection. Technology is still improving. Where the hell it can go further? Today 3D printers are commercially available in the market. Do you need a detail for the household? Would you like to get a unique wedding ring? Do you have a genius idea of cheap prosthesis production? Just create or download a 3D model and print it out!

Until you get used to it, it is always immensely hard to believe. Even when you start believing, you are not sure: is it real or fake? It is actually both. Computer graphic artists are up to completely blow our minds. Instead of going to the city streets and capturing cityscapes, landscapes or portraits with professional cameras, they decide to generate the same image, using 3D design software. And hurrah! Guess, they say, is it real or fake? We keep guessing, while surfing all around the virtual world. Damn,sometimes you sit for 5 minutes and: 1) Ask yourself if is it a photo-shot or a trick by a CG artist; 2) Try to convince yourself that technology can do that; 3) Come back to the idea that it must be a photo-shot, because computer is not that clever to restore the reality in digital; 4) You give up.

So, half a year has passed by and we have a second part of The Most Photorealistic 3D Renderings. Do not torture yourself thinking. I tell you, all of them are purely fake. There is no a single photograph or a photographical background at least. Every single detail in these renderings is generated by madly talented 3D artists. Enjoy and let the flow of inspiration grab you.

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A Good Look at The Real World by Marek Denko

March 18th, 2013

A Good Look at The Real World by Marek Denko

Marek Denko is a 3D designer who attracted the whole computer graphics community with his artwork. The artist had no training in the field of 3D design. But he was always learning from his own mistakes and successes.

Marek Denko's first job in the industry was as a low polymodeling freelancer for a company in Bratislava. Today he is a world-known 3D designer. The designer's artwork is highly distinctive with a peculiar touch of his. It definitely bewitches with the level of realism and intense atmosphere. Marek Denko shares with us the secrets of his profession, inspirations, and reveals how to find a way in the labyrinth of computer graphics world.

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Women As Inspiration for 3D Art

March 8th, 2013

Women As Inspiration for 3D Art

Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.” Joseph Conrad

Firstly, I would like to point out that this blog post is balanced for women. Okay, okay. This is suitable for men also. It is impossible to forget such a nice event as International Woman's Day. This holiday announces the very beginning of spring and calls each man on Earth to remember a woman. Once in a year at least.

Yes, we know that 3D designers' society is mostly comprised of men. But let's face it - most of them have wives or girlfriends or at least female friends. I am sure most of them tried to design a model of a woman or still dream about it. There are dozens of 3D women models. Some of them are created as cartoon, game or movie characters, others remind photographs or paintings, other ones can come from the dreams or be just a visual expression of inspiration a 3D designer caught on the street in the morning. Women are the Muses inspiring 3D feminine models to appear. There is no question about this.

Dear ladies, we cannot send a pot of roses to each of you. Considering this occasion, we have prepared a list of the most fascinating 3D portraits of women. These are the ones no men on the planet could ever have. So you do not have to be jealous at all if your second-half pays more attention to an image than he should.

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February 27th, 2013

Grab An Inspiration: 30 Most Photorealistic 3D Renderings

Some people like to highlight that all the glorious art has already been created. Those who say so perhaps forget to count in the endless possibilities of 3D design. Today movies can be filmed in a quarry of stone and 3D designers will add the turquoise sea, verdant pinewood and a surreal house on the shore.

The audience could suspect a house being improved using 3D design technique. But it is much easier to bribe with a landscape selling a matte-painting as the real one. Moreover, 3D designers are passionate to confuse questioning: “What do you think: is this a photograph or the art of 3D?”

This phenomenon is called photorealism. It is like a magic wand that brings a fantasy into the life while is used by a skilled artist. Obtaining render which is indistinguishable from a photograph became the Holy Grail of 3D design since 1960s. The target in this work is to reach perfection. In this particular case it means to imitate the reality to the smallest dots. It requires high level of attention even to the rarest details.

So we want to share our thorough list of the highly professional 3D artwork of photorealism. Hopefully, it will give you new ideas and inspire for the masterpieces.

A Vespid

Grab An Inspiration: 30 Most Photorealistic 3D Renderings 1

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