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New exciting website features added: Community rating and Referral system

December 19th, 2014

New exciting website features added: Community rating and Referral system

This year we've spent a long time thinking about the perfect holiday gift that we could give you. Guess what, you're not an easy crowd to shop for. Luckily, we're not short of cool ideas. So this season we give you the gift of giving... With much excitement we introduce the new website features: community rating and new referrals system. Please handle them with care, for with the new powers come new responsibilities.

pssst... there are so many awesome new features coming! Watch the blog space for more updates soon!

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Website Update Round-up: Check out the Awesome New Features

October 22nd, 2014

Website Update Round-up: Check out the Awesome New Features

Wow. Looking back now, we can see clear evidence that the past few weeks were a little hectic and (*smiles proudly*) really productive. You might have noticed there were a few significant updates done on the website, but in case you've missed all the fun, we're bringing the party to you. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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New Features on Share Like You Don't Care!

October 7th, 2013

New Features on Share Like You Don't Care!

How are you, dear visitors of and members of our lovely community?! What's new in your lives? We hope that everything is alright.

What? What's new in our marketplace, you ask? Oh, nothing much, nothing much... Just few changes and amazing features, which you would really like to use and enjoy!

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May 19th, 2011

Quality Promotion and Trusted Vendors

Quality promotion and Trusted Vendor features are not used yet to full extent.

We plan to apply these methods soon, after development of back-end management is complete.

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May 18th, 2011

Known Bugs, Fixes and Upcoming Updates

Here is the list of upcoming features and known issues we are working on right now:

  • Item page doesn’t show product category in which a product is published. Will be implemented as breadcrumbs navigation address below menu bar.
  • Search phrase and selected filters get canceled when Sorting or “Items per page” functions are used.
  • Advanced Search by Author name doesn’t work.
  • Related Keywords on Product page need some calibration to suggest better keywords.
  • 3D models and Revit models are shown on the same page. Will be separated to distinct pages and tabs.
  • Revit uploading is not yet fully functioning.
  • Product edit replaces publishing date so it goes to top of the new models list at the Homepage. Will elaborate on that.
  • Personal Message don’t work when try to send via Item Page user name link.
  • User Interface Help Tips will be implemented to assist you on various functionality.
  • Selection checkboxes will be implemented in Files and Images uploader.
  • Thumbnails sometimes shows empty image (half-open box image).

Fixed bugs and new features:

  • Uploading images sometimes picked up other images, already existing in the database. It happened when image names were the same. Now it is fixed.
  • Added “Make Primary” button at image uploader. Now you can assign any uploaded image as primary image.
  • Optional PayPal email address field is added at Sign Up form.
  • PayPal email warning at My products page if email address is not provided.
  • In Product Description there was a problem with character encoding and occasionally was showing diamond signs with question-marks. Now it is fixed.
  • Product status in My Products section now shows
  • Products and Profiles without customer ratings are marked as “Not rated yet”
  • Neutral customer rating now means 50% of positive rating.
  • File formats below thumbnails was stepping out of the frame. Now it is fixed.
  • CGTrader Statistics, Filter by date gets canceled when trying to sort table by any column.
  • Description text editor toolbar is purged from unnecessary functions.
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