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September 19th, 2011

CGShape Uploads 170+ 3D Models

In the last few days we witnessed one of the most numerous upload since the CGTrader.com launch. The authors from CGShape uploaded more than 170 3D models without any help from us.

This means two things:

  • CGTrader.com gets more and more trust from widely acknowledged 3D authors;
  • we succeded to improve uploading and portfolio managment operations so that even huge number of 3D models is not a limitation to join CGTrader.com.

CGShape’s models are very high quality. We’re sure medical industry will use their detailed models of organs, video game industry will use sports inventory and sportsmen as assets for computer and video games. Please see the list of newly uploaded 3D models to check if there are some you’re looking for.

Don'’t forget that if you buy any 3D model at CGTrader.com, the author will get full amount of your payment (as there’re no commissions here!).

It will be very interesting to see how such well known CG community member as CGShape will benefit from CGTrader.com. Meanwhile we continuously improve usability and operations to decrease the time necessary to upload hundreds of 3D models.

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July 17th, 2011

NONECG Shares 80 3D Models and Invites To Visit NYC in 3D

  • If you look at the 3D model of New York City shared by NONECG, don't believe your eyes. I'm just back from NYC and can point 5 things that are missing:
  • yellow cabs
  • hod dog vendors
  • people
  • people
  • people

This is why we love CG: it allows us to build our own exclusive world and show it to others!

If we miss something in NY, we just add it, right? For us, 3D artists, it is not necessary even to climb to the Empire State Building to do that.

But I climbed :)

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