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Christmas 3D Printing Challenge: Conquer Santa's Workshop

November 27th, 2013

Christmas 3D Printing Challenge: Conquer Santa's Workshop

Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle - call him whatever you want, but he is not on your side right now.

Are you getting same gifts each year? Yes, Santa's elves make them in the workshop at the North Pole and somehow manage to distribute all of them all over the world through one night. But, what the hell! How come some of those gifts are under some worldwide known brands? The Santa "mafia" must be crazy powerful... Just think about it - if they can force the corporations to work for them, they probably can do anything. Not! There is still something left. Something so powerful that it can turn the world upside down. And you can use it and take a part in this snowy challenge.

Welcome to Christmas 3D Printing Challenge. Your mission is to perform better than Santa and his elves. These aces of Christmas gift-giving have been in this business for about 200 years already. It is time to change the game!

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The Arm Of CGTrader Got Longer - Reach A 3D Printer With It

November 5th, 2013

The Arm Of CGTrader Got Longer - Reach A 3D Printer With It

Just two words - 3D printing. Just one click. It's happening now.

What am I talking about? I am talking about you being a part of the revolution. And you do not need to travel somewhere to do that. The revolution of manufacturing will be much more sophisticated and will bring only joy and pleasure. Well, for those, who will choose the side wisely. Oh, pardon me, for not wrapping it up - CGTrader started a cooperation with Sculpteo!

What does it mean? It means that now you can touch the future waaay... easier and faster. And by future, I mean 3D printing. From now on you can not only search for a 3D print-ready model on, but also print it with comfort. Just one click on the "Sculpteo" button next to the model and you can start choosing where to print the object that you'd like to have at home.

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February 7th, 2013

Best 3D Models of January

Colourful New Years' fireworks and sparkling wine...Seems it was a day before yesterday. But somehow more than one month has already passed by. Despite all the feast pleasures, our designers did not face any lack of inspiration.

So the good news is that CGTrader again represents the best 3D models of a month. Our New Year promise is to do it steadily. So we looked through the objects uploaded in January and evaluated them in terms of aesthetics, technique, level of realism and creativity. It was not that easy to choose only 10 best objects. But after some soft discussions a compromise was reached...

Fleury Soft Sofa

Best 3D Models of January 1

This object is made by quite new designer in our marketplace - vodafone2. The artist seems to prefer sofas a lot: they involve all of the uploaded objects. It is even better, because they are made in such a professional way. Fleury sofa is highly photorealistic and really thorough work. When you look at a picture, it is so easy to feel a natural wish to try it sitting by yourself.

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December 20th, 2011

3D model Selling Tips: Customer Friendly Description #2

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer. See, how little time he has to make a decision? The 3D model description should help the customer both get enough information and save his time.

In the previous post I pointed out some tricks on how to make 3D model description more friendly for SEO and more visible in Google. But bringing potential customer to your product is not enough to complete the sale. Good product description is the necessity in online sales. It's obvious that before you sell anything online you must make the customer trust you and your product.

Despite the excellent quality shown in the images, the client can only guess what’s inside the files. Many of you would like to think that your images of your product speak for themselves, but don’t forget there are many competing products that are not going to let you seize the buyer’s attention so easily.

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