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Make It Real: 3D Printing Competition

May 14th, 2013

Make It Real: 3D Printing Competition

3D printing is not a fiction anymore. It's everywhere now. 3D printed edible food is a reality: pasta is being served in Google office already. Some people have changed melted plastic into cookie dough-filled syringe, use the same software and 3D print nothing else, but cookies. "Nike" has already printed cleat for the shoes. 3D printed acoustic guitar plays no worse than a usual one. A couple of journalists brought 3D printed gun on a plane without any security inspection.

So we decided to wait no longer. At this very moment CGTrader is opening up the 3D printing competition!

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February 18th, 2013

Okta-studio: "Only time and budget are limits in 3D"

It is the second floor of a building in the industrial part of Vilnius in Lithuania. There is a bunch of people staring at the computers all day long. In the conference room a dozen of 3D glasses lays on a table. This huge office is the home for a Lithuanian design studio “OKTA” which was responsible for the special effects of commended Lithuanian movie “Vanishing Waves”. Its leader Vitalijus Zukas reveals their everyday cares and a life in between 2D and 3D worlds.

Okta-studio: "Only time and budget are limits in 3D" 1

Vitalijus Zukas a leader of OKTA-studio

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February 4th, 2013

Remodeling A Sneak Peek

It seems it has been a while since you have heard from us. No, we did not get a cold from the winter tricks – nor did we get carried away with extended Christmas holidays. Actually, we have been working a lot. By saying a lot, we mean working from the morning light to the dusk of the day – including dreaming and generating ideas while sleeping.

This hard work has brought some great news and we will be sharing them with you shortly. Today we would like to give you a sneak peek of what is coming. We started CGTrader almost two years ago with an idea to create a designer-friendly marketplace – and by now it has grown to a platform with thousands of designers and numerous models, thanks to you!

To make sharing and selling your models on such an active platform easier, we have been working on a new, more convenient CGTrader. A few things still need to be done before it sees the daylight, but here is short sneak peak for you:

Remodeling A Sneak Peek 1

The whole system will also be redesigned - for example, have a look at this new item page:

Remodeling A Sneak Peek 2

We are extremely excited about the new CGTrader interface and hope you will enjoy it as well. We would love to hear your opinion - please share it in the comments!

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June 7th, 2012

3D Printing Future. Sculpteo case

Even though 3D printing is still seen as very innovative and sometimes even futuristic concept, there are no doubts that it could (and most likely will) eventually change the way we consume goods. It's still a pioneering business and there are few companies around in the market that could offer quality 3D printing services.

Scupteo, on the other hand, makes a clear statement to everybody that 3D printing IS the future. “Soon, instead of buying things that are made in large quantities at factories, we will buy objects made in quantities of just one, especially for us”, says Eric Carreel, chairman of Sulpteo. This genuinely incredible idea could actually revolutionise the way we shop, the way we consume goods.Company was established in 2009, and right since then, they were pioneering in 3D printing market, bringing the concept that digital art-work created on the screen can actually become tangible objects to the daylight. And we are not only talking about a mug or the tiny model of the car. Scupteo is looking deep into the future markets and industries. Theories of ability to print buildings may still sound as a sci-fi for us, but for Sculpteo is just a future of engineering.

The process of 3D printing involves fusing various materials (mainly plastic or alumide) in the forms that were created by the artist on the computer. This commercial video helps to understand how things are done.

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April 8th, 2012

5 Reasons to Sell Your 3D Models Online

Certainly there are some artists who have created 3D models, but still think whether they should bother to place them on the market at all. They may think it could be time consuming, it could be loss-making business or maybe just too much of the hassle. Whatever it could be, lets leave all these arguments aside, as actually there are great bunch of reasons why it’s worth giving a shot, too. Let’s explore them.

1. Assets that constantly earn you money. 3D models are digital goods, and the beauty of selling digital goods is that they can be sold more than once to different buyers. By placing them on online market you create your own portfolio that will work for you 24/7 and generate constant revenue for you. Just make sure you do the research and see what sells best in the current 3D stock market, put efforts in making your models decent quality and set an attractive price for both, you as a seller and a buyer.

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