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Here They Are: Meet The Finest Creatures Made For Character Challenge!

September 24th, 2013

Here They Are: Meet The Finest Creatures Made For Character Challenge!

3D Character Challenge was started in the beginning of August. 3D artists had a month and a half to take yoga classes, massage their heads, try hypnosis or do whatever they need to have an effective brainstorm to figure out what character they want to create and present in this competition. We had a hard week deciding who won this competition, but finally the winners are here!

It was a really active month in our galaxy this August. There were a few meteor showers. If you like sci-fi books, the idea that a meteor could bring an alien life form to Earth doesn’t seem so crazy. So, we had an idea meteor shower in And it brought some unearthly creatures for sure!

348 models were presented for the challenge, but some of them were far from matching the standards. However, a lot of incredible characters were created by the participants. The types of characters varied from simple human beings to sharks, monsters, elves, and even a walking broom. Congrats, guys, you were really original in this challenge. By the way, there were 93 challengers.

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Making of "The Blue Project" by Dan Roarty

August 13th, 2012

Making of "The Blue Project" by Dan Roarty

Our next interview with Dan Roarty, 3D artist who had the fortune of working as Lead Character Artist for LucasArts, Midway and Radical (Activision). His personal work "The Blue Project", a 3D portrait of his wife Nicole, got a lot of attention lately. Not only it gave him a lot of credibility in the CG community, but I believe many flattering moments to Nicole as well :)

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July 27th, 2012

Interview with 3D Artist Chris Nichols

Knowing how important is the need to be inspired, we just came up with a new series of blog posts about talented 3D artists. So not wasting the time, today we are giving you an opportunity to meet a proffesional 3D artist Chris Nichols from Vancouver, who has a background at the Graphic Design and Multimedia and works at the movies industry.

Interview with 3D Artist Chris Nichols 1

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