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Visual industries news, insights from CGTrader marketplace, company announcements, and some inspiration for your upcoming 3D model. Find amazing stories from the community and beyond. How spaceship model end-up in VR experience, how challenge to model a sword and the win shape further modeling career and many more amazing stories can be found on this blog.

3D design heaven: TOP countries and designers rocking CGTrader in 2016

January 25th, 2017

3D design heaven: TOP countries and designers rocking CGTrader in 2016

We often talk about globalisation, but there is likely no other industry that is so united and global as computer graphics. With technical knowledge accessible online and the digital nature of 3D artwork, there is no surprise that any creative person in any corner of the world can get recognized and rise to the stars. At the same time, there are traditions and strong designer communities demonstrating consistent development over the years.

This year has been quite eventful for the 3D artist. From creative models for games to models being designed for augmented reality, the market has expanded exponentially. The most recent data from CGTrader unveils that 3D designers came from 128 countries to CGTrader in 2016. On the other end - customers purchasing 3D assets represented 113 countries in 2016. This is not the whole world, but CGTrader team will definitely try to get Vatican City engaged in 2017. And before that, let’s look at what countries were the most active last year... and by the most active we mean uploaded the most models to CGTrader.

In 2016, Ukrainian designers were leading the rank on CGTrader closely followed by 3D modelers from Russia. Ukraine and Russia has always been known for strong CG and game developers communities with a number of annual CG events taking place (there is even kind of a brand “CG Event” with its great low poly chilli-pepper as a logo and series of events across countries). There were also a number of US designers joining and contributing to the platform, which has long tradition, HUGE and well integrated CG market.

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How to make your 3D models more visible - key tips to improve your sales

December 20th, 2016

How to make your 3D models more visible - key tips to improve your sales

Posted on Dec 20, 2016 by Eduardas Jucys

Everyone here wants to make 3D models that stand out in the crowd. Some of us actually do a magnificent job making them - and that is a good thing. But when it comes to doing a good presentation for your work - the real struggle starts. What kind of description do I write? Why do I need so many tags? What's the big deal with having 3056 pictures uploaded in my model presentation? Let me answer all of these wonderfully confusing questions, to help you on your road to better model visibility.

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​Marek Denko - pragmatic family guy, an artist picturing nostalgia, and mature CG professional

December 6th, 2016

​Marek Denko - pragmatic family guy, an artist picturing nostalgia, and mature CG professional

Today CGTrader team is talking with Marek Denko - a 3D artist born in Slovak Republic in 1980, and currently enjoying the life of a small town close to Prague in Czech Republic. Since 2007, Marek is running a design studio NoEmotion, which has worked on projects like Fallout 4 Power Armor and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege among others.

Both personal and client work made by Marek Denko and his team are always state of the art example of computer graphics, so we are extremely happy to have Marek sharing his experience with CGTrader community.

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Alexandr Novitskiy: "Each object has its own specific soul"

October 21st, 2016

Alexandr Novitskiy: "Each object has its own specific soul"

Alex has been sharing his stunning 3D renders and tutorials with our community for some time now, and we couldn't walk away from an opportunity to have a nice little chat with him. Turns out his works make the modeling job look so much easier than it really is - and he himself knows it can be a very bumpy ride at the start.

Read his captivating story about his learning process, best works and projects to help out all 3D designers out there.

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February 18th, 2013

Okta-studio: "Only time and budget are limits in 3D"

It is the second floor of a building in the industrial part of Vilnius in Lithuania. There is a bunch of people staring at the computers all day long. In the conference room a dozen of 3D glasses lays on a table. This huge office is the home for a Lithuanian design studio “OKTA” which was responsible for the special effects of commended Lithuanian movie “Vanishing Waves”. Its leader Vitalijus Zukas reveals their everyday cares and a life in between 2D and 3D worlds.

Vitalijus Zukas portrait 3D design studio

Vitalijus Zukas a leader of OKTA-studio

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