Brain Damage ELMER 1988

Brain Damage ELMER 1988 3D print model


My take on Elmer from Brain damage 1988 One morning, a young man wakes to find that a small, disgusting creature has attached itself to the base of his brain stem. The creature gives him a euphoric state of happiness but demands human victims in return

Plot After suffering a brief illness, Brian experiences a powerful and comforting hallucination. He soon discovers that he has become host to a long, phallic parasite that speaks perfect English and promises to give him a life free from worry. The hallucination was induced by a chemical injected from the parasite's mouth, through the back of Brian's neck and directly into his brain; the parasite offers a steady supply of this chemical if you'll take me for a walk. While under the influence of the juice, Brian is incoherent and unaware of the world around him, which allows the parasite to kill people at random and devour their brains. This forms a routine, and as Brian becomes addicted to the juice, he isolates himself from everything and everyone else in his life, which worries his girlfriend, Barbara, and his brother, Mike.

Brian awakens from his stupor long enough to learn about the murders. He is confronted by his neighbor Morris, who claims to own the parasite, called The Aylmer, which has changed hands hundreds of times across the globe since the Middle Ages. Morris, who fed Aylmer with animal brains, warns Brian that feeding him humans will make him too strong to resist. Horrified, Brian rents a motel room to wean himself off the drug and starve Aylmer, but Aylmer gleefully informs him that his body chemistry has irrevocably changed, and that the pain of withdrawal will be too much for him to bear. Brian soon relents, now consciously attending Aylmer as he hunts for victims.

Returning to his apartment, Brian discovers that Mike and Barbara have begun a relationship; realizing that he cannot control himself or choose Aylmer's targets, Brian tries to warn them away before fleeing to the streets. Barbara follows and confronts him on the subway, where Aylmer kills her. Back at the apartment, Morris and his wife, Martha, hold Brian at gunpoint to steal Aylmer back; Aylmer attacks them. As he feeds on their brains, Brian begs for another injection of juice. Aylmer agrees, which distracts them long enough for Morris to regain consciousness, grabbing and crushing Aylmer during the injection process. This kills Aylmer and forces an overdose, leaving Brian in agony. Screaming and bleeding juice, he runs to his room, puts Morris's gun to his own head and fires.

The police arrive at the apartment building. Joined by Mike, they break down Brian's door—finding Brian, who stares blankly with a large, glowing hole in his forehead, emanating with light and long crackles of electricity.

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fcsd2013 2022-04-14 00:59:21 UTC
Il est magnifique , joli travail :-) . Merci ;-)
Brain Damage ELMER 1988
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Brain Damage ELMER 1988
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