Wall bracket - 3D print model

This wall bracket is suitable to a box with an oval of ca. 7,75 x 16,4 cm,
fits eg:
"Dry Food Jar 365+" from Ikea.

Contains a version with screw mounting and one compatible to the Ikea pegboard "Skadis".

The 3d-model is drawn in cm, but perhaps you have to import the stl-file in mm in your programm.

Printing Information Wall bracket (screw mounting)
VB - I - W - 01:
Infill 33%, Build time 2h15, Filament length 11339.8 mm, Plastic weight 34.09g (0.08lb)

Printing Information Wall bracket (compatible to "Skadis" (Ikea))
The area of fixing should be print with 90% infill (results of my tests with PLA), because otherwise it could break.
VB - I - H - 01:
Infill 33%, Build time 2h23, Filament length 1218.8 mm, Plastik weight 36.14g (0.08 lb)


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