RMS Titanic GIANT 4 meter 3d printable remote controlled 3D print model

MASSIVE 4 meter Remote Controlled RMS Titanic 3D print model

3d printable RC ready RMS Titanic.
- All dimensions and measurements to original blueprint specifications, except where RC functionality and 3d printing requirements needed minor adjustments.
- No detail basic hull and superstructure. Great for a new model project to fit out with your own detail.
- No instruction manual, but easy to match parts to picture of 3d model.
- Popular 1/72nd scale model, - 3.7M in length.
- 119 STL files.
- Each STL requires 12 cubic inch build space to print. (This will probably be the biggest model you've ever printed... you'll need it!).
- You will require about 45x 1kg spools of plastic to complete.

Each BernCo STL has been specifically sized and designed to be printed on a 12" Pegasus Makerfarm 3d printer. You can find them from http://www.makerfarm.com. They are the most affordable printers of their size in the world, and are second to none with quality! I have successfully printed over 20 Armidale patrol boats, two 2 meter LPA ships, two Smit London tug boats, and one massive world record breaking 4 meter Titanic over the past 3 years, and it is STILL going as strong as new today! You cannot kill them! And they are big enough to print anything you throw at it! So for the best lasting results with this model, you must invest in a Makerfarm printer!

Not for resale or distribution. All rights reserved by BernCo Models, Australia.


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miaomiao3d wrote
Did you use a gmax to print it? That is amazing!
bernco replied to miaomiao3d
Thanks mate. I used two 12" prusas from makerfarm.com. Great printers for diy kits. Solid as a bought one. And cheaper than China! :)
miaomiao3d replied to bernco
Wow! That is truly amazing! Are you planning to throw on some RC equipment and putting it in the lake? Again awesome job!
bernco replied to miaomiao3d
Absolutely. She's seaready as we speak. I plan on taking her out in a few weeks. Maybe even this weekend! I'm in the process of rigging up the "steam" generators to the first three funnels. I'll throw some pictures up on here when I do.
miaomiao3d replied to bernco
I can't wait for you to post a video of that!! Please keep me posted :)
bernco replied to miaomiao3d
LemonadeCG wrote
Holy crap! I wonder how long would it take to print with single printer? A year? :]
bernco replied to LemonadeCG
I've got two printers, but with at least one going all the time it took at least a year.
mario93 wrote
Dolphin-GS wrote
itchypigcreations3d wrote
Do your files contain all the railing and smaller details etc?
bernco replied to itchypigcreations3d
Unfortunately no. The amount of time spent on research, 3d modelling, and design of all the detailed parts was insane. I was never going to get reasonable pay for my hard work, so I stopped wasting time on it with only a few details incomplete on the poop. I do have the files however, and will accept a fair offer for my work.
itchypigcreations3d replied to bernco
Very good- I have been following you since Aug 2015- Cant want to start printing this ..
bernco replied to itchypigcreations3d
Thanks for your loyalty mate. It means a lot. Shoot me an email at berncoships@gmail.com, and we can discuss the smaller detail I have.
pharao274 wrote
How much for all the detail files?, I did purchase the armidale and now titanic because of the very good work done on both and wanted to give my little support for your work.
bernco wrote
Hi poul0939 The photos above are real photos of this "unprintable" ship. If you had messaged me with your concerns, I would have been happy to answer some questions for you to help you. So I will try to help you here. Firstly, this model is the worlds biggest model ship. So it only stands to reason that it is an EXPERT level print, and not for the faint of heart. An expert would know how to run a model repair on any highly complex polygon models that didn't translate properly in the download, or in different software to what I use. I highly recommend printing one of my smaller models first (Like the Armidale) if you are new to 3d printing. Secondly, there are two reasons why the parts are very thin; 1 - This model will already cost you over $2000 in plastic. If you were to double the thickness, it will cost you $4000. So price was a consideration in the design. The models strength comes from the concrete ballasting when its finished. Concrete is cheaper and stronger than plastic. 2 - Ballasting! Its a fully operational model, designed to have concrete in the bottom. And the superstructure needs to be thin to be light. Otherwise the thing will be too top end heavy and wont float. There is plenty of internal supports to account for this, and my own "unprintable" Titanic was very strong. Hope that helps. Bernie
agnostic-unknown2018 wrote
This is beyond Compare .don't you have videos of the printer printing this wonderful project?
bernco replied to agnostic-unknown2018
I have lots of progress pictures. Ill upload some later today. To top it off, it was even printed on a wooden rep rap. XD
leonardorussom wrote
Can I buy it already assembled? because I have no 3d printer and there would be many pieces to assemble, thank you for your response and congratulations on the excellent model! I'm a big Titanic fan


poul0939 has given the model a negative rating
i dont think this model is printeble the walls are far to thin and there are errors i the codes
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