Transformers Axalon Motorized Laser Cannon Turret from Armada

Transformers Axalon Motorized Laser Cannon Turret from Armada 3D print model


Finally, here's the motorized Axalon Laser Cannon Turret which took some time to put together!

As large as the overall turret is, its seat is sized for minicons or micromaster sized bots to be able to take control of it.

The gear motor fits inside the main turret body (more on its assembly below), with its wires feeding down through a hole in the back portion of the turret and then feeding into the turret base via a small hole on its top.

It's then connected up with a battery pack which acts as the power source for the whole getup! The underside of the turret base is hollow and should be large enough for most battery packs. Ours is a pack which houses 3 AA-sized batteries and it fits snugly as it is.

Effect parts go on the front of the turret's barrels as well on a couple of spots on the side of the turret base.

The operator's comfort has also not been forgotten with its ergonomic seat able to swivel on its axis to fit the bot manning it! And depending on the locked on targets, the entire turret can rotate vertically on its pivot too!

=== Assembly ===

The included diagram shows how the entire turret is put together.

The part indicated in yellow is a standard yellow gear motor set which normally used in basic electronics car projects. And example of this can be found here:

Of course, a bit of basic wiring and soldering from the Gear Motor to the battery pack will be required. Do note to pass the wires through the holes in the back of the turret and through its base before connecting everything up!

The assembled gear motor with the front 3d printed parts are slid into the main turret body, and then held in the Gear-Motor-Bracket, with the Turret-Pivot fastening in place through the bottom hole in the Turret Body.

The back of the turret connects to the main turret body using 5mm (diameter) X 3,mm (thickness) magnets if you would like a non permanent setup. Alternatively, you can do as we did with our earlier version of the model by simply gluing it permanently in place.

=== Though a little more challenging and involved, we hope this will be a fun little project for everyone, especially if you've always wanted to get started with some basic electronics like us!

Happy 3d printing and electronics assembly! =)


This model is not to be uploaded or sold in any form and is intended for personal use only.

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Transformers Axalon Motorized Laser Cannon Turret from Armada
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Transformers Axalon Motorized Laser Cannon Turret from Armada
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