DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle 3D print model

are you ready for serious 3D printing? attention to a very large length of 1660 millimeters weapons.handle 137 mm/ adapts to your 3D printer! .model cut into logical parts. Exclusive only in.cgtrader.com 3d model in igs format.
The DLT-19 was not as popular or as well-known as the standard-issue E-11 blaster rifle, because it took longer to assemble and load. However the DLT-19 was much more powerful and had a much greater range than the E-11 model. The E-11s sniper rifle bore a striking resemblance to this weapon with the addition of a scope. In this configuration it could shoot down swoops, or even light airspeeders. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/DLT-19_heavy_blaster_rifle/Legends


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Dolphin-GS wrote
retske wrote
It is a nice file, but it is oversized by nearly 20%, so scale it down. The proper size is an overall length of 48 inches, this file is over 66 inches. Edit: The model is great, just a warning in case someone wants to print it to the correct size. Totally worth the money though!
3dpicasso replied to retske
thanks, yes in description have info about size, it's big model and need resaize
shadyp replied to retske
do you know the specific scale reduction?
retske replied to shadyp
It is around 75%. Math says 73%.
shadyp replied to retske
thank you.
johaneggink wrote
Do the parts fit on a 200 x 200 x 180 bed? Do the parts still need to be scaled down or has that been adjusted? Cheers
3dpicasso replied to johaneggink
you need scaled down all parts its big
johaneggink wrote
Cool. I bought it. I am reducing all the files to 73% in the zip file and started printing.
jdblackbelt wrote
On B2P, which is the 2nd piece of the barrel going away from you, the "plans" call for a pin (shown in blue) to connect both halves for support. The piece however only has one hole; the other half is sealed off. I know on the rest they appear sealed and you just cut away the support material, but on B2P it's completely sealed off, and I verified this on the 3D imager. Any insight?
3dpicasso replied to jdblackbelt
Changes made are added more sources for editing in cad format
gum wrote
Has anyone printed this? How did it come out? I see people mentioned its slightly out of scale, is this correct/is this an issue? Thanks
weldercabrera wrote
Sergey, I already bought DLT-19 with you months ago, is there a chance to release a pack with some greeblies in order upgrade it as per seen in Rogue One ?
3dpicasso replied to weldercabrera
Thanks. Maybe in 2018.I have many work and project to do
chrissy36dd wrote
just printed this out can confirm yup its too big not a issue if your just using it as a display piece but length is no good if you are planning on using it for a cosplay etc. Am prob gonna try cut an inch off the handle as a stop gap see if that works falling that be a new print (wish I had checked comments and checked sizes before I used nearly 3 rolls of filament to print it out) so yeah MAKE SURE you resize it am doing 25% smaller next and also the connecting plugs are quite tight so reducing them by 1-2% just so they fit easier.


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