Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition TI4 3D Printed Insert

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition TI4 3D Printed Insert 3D print model


This is an STL for 3D printing a board game insert for the Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition board game.

Kelsam Tabletop:

For each insert we create, we have a few common design goals. They are:

  • Reduce setup time as much as possible
  • Have separate component trays for setup components and gameplay components
  • Allow for vertical box storage without components crushing each other
  • Fit sleeved cards

For this insert, we've opted to fit the base game and expansion in the base game box. There are a couple benefits from this. Some people prefer to fit all components in the base box for shelf space saving purposes. For the rest of us, the expansion box is left entirely open for mods, 3rd party accessories, or other extras. In our case: fleet stands, the hard copy rulebook, other booklets we've had printed over the years, and any other goodies we might come up with.

As always, we try to minimize setup time. To that end, faction-specific cards are separated in labeled trays in alphabetical order, so you can get them quickly. System tiles are divided into home systems, planets, hazards, and warp lanes for optimal setup speed. Play token trays and play cards go straight from box to table.

All play cards are stored in card trays with separate sections labeled on both sides, making it easy to pull cards and return to the front/back as needed. The action deck which is quite tall with the expansion cards has a small divider in the middle of it, to prevent cards from falling down into the slot as the deck gets smaller.

This insert follows the theme of our latest foam core insert, with player trays that hold minis, tokens, and color-specific technology and promissory cards. The cards are designed to store flat but have a slot to stand them up for ease of use during gameplay. Additionally, we wanted shallower bins for ease of grabbing minis, so War Suns have been moved into a separate tray because they are twice as tall as the next tallest minis. These can be handed out during setup and go near your player tray. This insert is designed for each player to have and use color-specific tokens instead faction-specific, for reasons explained here ( .The STL files include models to print your own color-specific tokens. The tokens have their own slots with dividers to ensure they stand up and are much easier to grab than previous inserts.

As an added bonus, we've also designed a technology deck book. It doesn't fit in the base game box, but for those that really want to take their insert the extra mile, it's a really cool way to handle your technology deck. Pictured is our very rough first print from designing the proof of concept.


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Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition TI4 3D Printed Insert
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Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition TI4 3D Printed Insert
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