Hexagonille Terrain - Basic

Hexagonille Terrain - Basic 3D print model

Build your world with these amazing Hexagonille Terrain tiles. This Basic set will allow you to build flat world with small streams.
Whole system is designed to be crafted to final appearance as in preview.
Added looser base mesh. If you have issue with too tight assembly pls use this file to print basic mesh (locking net).
Added basic megahex with looser conection joint. If it suits your printer better then standard piece, let me know and i will update all iterations of megahex too.
Added straight stream following edge (single and double)-please be warned that these are creating not perfect connection with rest of stream tiles
List of all sets is at the end of description
If are you missing any shape in our packages, let us know and we will create and add them to existing packages if it will fit to the system :-)
Recomended print settings (minimal time and weight):
A) Full print:

  • 1 perimeter
  • 2 solid bottom layers
  • 4 solid top layers
  • 5% rectilinear infill
  • 50% infill/perimeter overlap
  • no raft/brim/skirt
    B) Box print:
  • 4 perimeter
  • 5 solid bottom layers
  • 0 solid top layers
  • 0% rectilinear infill
  • no raft/brim/skirt
Great tile systems, I’m working waiting to churn out two dozen or so tiles before I start modeling them. How ever I have some across a slight issue with the locking tiles, I’ve printed them at 100% scale however when I have several of the locking tiles together in a grid . The hex tiles refuse to sit flush on the grid, I don’t know if this is because the tolerance between the locking tiles is to tight or if it some other issue. Any advice you can provide on printing the locking system would be much appreciated. Many thanks Michael
Thanks for buing and appreciation :-). Issue you mentioned is possible from several reasons. Space/gap is designed 0,2mm. It work perfectly on Prusa MK2 (and newer) printer and PLA material, but if your printer print out with slight offset it could cause such a behaviour. Please check and clear elephant foot on inner and outer edge of hex tiles - at inner edge of groove is designed small chamfer to reduce this issue, but it was not possible to apply the same on the outside. If you print from ABS or other materials it could shrink too much. Try rotate hex tile on locking mesh, if in one direction fit and in other don't then you can have issue with not correct setup of x/y ratio. If anything from above is not valid for your sittuation, please let me know and we will look at it more closely :-) - in worse case we will loose parts and send them to you :-)
:-) for sure already added file with increased gap between hex tile and base mesh tile
Good morning, could you give some more information on the difference between the "Full" print and the "Box" print in terms of use?
Hello. Usage should be same. Only diference is speed of print. Box print is meaned to be print only as shell, so model is brick without grooves and by setting printing without infill and top solid layers will make it funktional with rest of system. Is this description ok, or would like know more in detail?
Hello, I may be missing it but, I am wondering what are the dimensions. I am looking for 4" across the flats. An awesome job, love what you have done.
Hello Mitose. Yes, dimension is 10cm across. So 3,94". Thank you for appreciation :-)
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Hexagonille Terrain - Basic
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Hexagonille Terrain - Basic
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