Beach Fighter3 Princess by SPARX

Beach Fighter3 Princess by SPARX 3D print model


“this is not the Princess you are looking for, you can go about your business” Or it may be the one your looking for . . not all beach fighters are from video games . . decided to create my favourite princess and get her ready for the beach . . The Custom Licence is NOT royalty Free, the STL or Models created by your purchase may NOT be sold. The licence is for personal use only.

2 heads with this one, the Default head and a rare smiling princess interchangeable head. The pony tail is separate and is in 2 versions a solid head piece for FDM and a lighter/thinner more detailed crown for SLA print . . I could not get the thinner crown to print on FDM so thickened it . .but feel free to try. 6 Torso’s, one Bikini top and two Topless 1 Nude. . . .as well as the 2 torso’s skeletal bra, one for SLA with separate Bra to enable textured material and one skeletal bra fixed as a one piece torso. . . see pics. The base is in 2 parts and the large part recessed to allow LED or other light source, should you print the water splash in transparent material . … The model is 1/6 scale and is approx. 310mm tall/long on its full base. I SHARE MY WORK FOR OTHERS TO ENJOY. . .PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THESE FILES ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR OTHER WEBSITES. LINKS TO THIS PAGE ARE ACCEPTED

All of the parts are orientated to print base ready to print based on the test prints produced before release.
All parts are cut files to fit build plate of small resin printers like the Photon, examples in images SLA orientated for least support and strongest print orientation, as seen in the images. These orientations work for FDM printing and where they have had to be changed a separate file has been included. If you wish to use an alternative orientation please do so, you may find a better orientation that reduces support. All the parts have been printed and developed to print, A lot of prints have been produced to get the figures corrected and fault free. All of my models are only released when they can print! so please do not remix or fix faults in this model then republish! If there is a fault then let me know . . message me/email me I will answer and fix problem. . apart from that print - make - enjoy.

Why cut into many smaller parts I have been asked?

  1. If you try and assemble this, then paint it . .it would be difficult to paint into hidden areas, less masking when painting separate parts.
  2. Smaller parts not only allow for Resin print at full scale, but also allow individual parts to use less supports than one larger part on FDM printers So now you know! Please do not scale down or try to re-assemble into less parts as you can see from the pictures this prints very well and I believe you will be pleased with the result when completed, at this scale. I make these models for my own collection but I am always open to suggestions of content for models that cover the DC and Marvel universe as well as TV and film cult images e.g. Barbarella. so message me if you have any ideas . . As always enjoy the parts on offer.

TIPS: Resin Printing; Do not hollow Back Dress, Skeletal Bra, light sabre, or the Ponytail crown. Wall 3.30, Left leg to keep strength for supporting model and the steel pin used in her base. Rest of parts at 2.40mm All parts will fit into small SLA printer. FDM Printing: Heads, light sabre, ponytail, left arm were print tested at 0.12 speed 50 Rest of parts at 0.16 speed 50

ALWAYS dry assemble and “trim” parts prior gluing. Assemble the torso, left arm and left leg first. Paint the right leg before assembly. When fixing the right leg stand the model on the splash insert with a pin to assist in positioning the leg (you can see her footprint in the splash base) You can now paint and fix the back dress to the model.

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imagesphotography 2022-06-01 19:46:08 UTC
good model, yet to print it, but overall looks like it will print well. Will be using Resin printer, at 3.75"
Beach Fighter3 Princess by SPARX
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Beach Fighter3 Princess by SPARX
Editorial No Ai License 
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