StarWars Deathtrooper Fully Printable Costume 3D print model


New Butt plate added, re 501 specs (DT_Butt with new cutout below spine.
Price increase is purely reflective of the support required for this suit. I am more than happy to answer questions or help you with printing this (and in some cases make modifications at no extra charge) But this takes time and many hours out of my day.

UPDATED JANUARY 2018 added to pack.

*New V3 Torso Added, split into parts as requested by many. Alot fixed from V2, less plastic required, files optimised (faster slicing and printing)


Version 3 of the Helmet has been uploaded. All alterations have been based on suggestions from the community and of course re-visiting 501 specs. It is also re-cut for larger machines now (no parts over 30x30x30) so anyone with a CR-10 or above will be fine.

Please message me for the full uncut Parts, the files are very large, I will supply a Dropbox link.


JUNE 2017
* Added new Torso with accurate greebles and new back section and adjusted chest.
New torso is in a single piece - if you need it cut please ask.

*Optional - Alternate Re-breathers added with holes and cavity for wiring and LED lights

*Added new Belt Buckle based on screen version.

*GRENADES - Yes, completely my fault they were accidentally renamed as the bumpack, they have been added to the files here separate . Thanks B.P

* The Re-breathers at the front of the mask ARE in the pack. They are just not in the main assembly photo or main .zip file, apologies.

Due to increasing fees we have had to slightly increase the price of the suit, we apologize for any inconvenience

Is this 501 approved?"
No, and please do not purchase it based on your assumption that it is, nor any suit you are going to print from any designer. There is a lot more than just the printing of the suit that goes into being approved. We are not in the 501st and have no desire to be in it, as we are members of the 404th Legion.

"Do you provide support?"
YES. We will answer any and all questions and help you make modifications to the suit if your require.

Really? all of that for under $50??"
Yes. Really - but please be fair. If you ask for weeks worth of work and then complain in 48 hours its not done and ask for a refund, you will not be granted the refund.

Let's put an end to high price meshes! Don't pay $250 for a set of files when you know you are about to spend that on plastic - after all it's you that puts in the hard work to make it . We just supply the tools to help you do that.

*Note - The crisp sharp images you see in the instructions represent the actual models, they are not fancy render effects. All pieces are void of visible polygons, ready for a clean silky smooth print.

This is the highest resolution Deathtrooper Costume you can purchase. We have seen competitors kits. They have zero to no instructions and pieces are uncut, meaning more work for you. The files here for download contain an organized folder structure so you can plan your prints efficiently. You will receive a 345MB .Zip file that expands to around 680mb.

We have done everything for you!

All pieces are cut and repaired using a professional grade repairing tool, all pieces are placed dead flat at 0,0,0 on the build surface for you. We have tried very very hard to ensure all you need to do is load the file, select your settings and press print.

Comprising of 180 parts (plus 6 optionals) this package covers the entire DeathTrooper suit, excluding the blaster. which will soon be available in the Master Blaster Pack, which will contain several blasters (E-11 etc)

We offer you an original, entire suit, scaled for a 5'11 - 6 foot Male medium size build, but of course can be scaled -
We will also scale entire suits to fit children /small adults and can make a "female chest" version of any armor you require.

We include comprehensive instructions for all parts (the assembly guide has been uploaded for your viewing)

This suit is cut for a 20xcmx15cmx15cm build plate (ie Wanhao/CTC/Flashforge) but parts will fit on a 15x15x15cm plate, just oriented differently.

All parts can be cut again and if you require any assistance with cutting parts smaller OR you would like the full piece of a part (ie you would like the chest in one piece) as long as you have purchased the pack, like a piece of software or hardware, we will support you on it regardless - as many edits as you require - from printing to finishing.


Since parts will be sanded and painted, we suggest 0.2-0.3mm layer height.

We suggest a 3-10% infill rate to keep the weight of the parts down. A full suit can be quite heavy if given too much infill.

Supports / Rafts
This is really up to you and your printer. These days printers with great cooling can perform some serious overhangs, it's going to come down to you knowing your printer and how what it's capable of.

All suits are scaled for a 6 foot person, to alter the suit ensure you re-scale each piece with the same %.
160cm Tall : Scale all Parts to 86%
165cm Tall : Scale all Parts to 90%
170cm Tall : Scale all parts to 92.7% (93% should be ok also)
175cm Tall : Scale all parts to 97.8%
180-183cm cm Tall - Leave as is.

As you can see, from the rough scale it is about 5-6% per 5 centimetres in height. Scaling the part uniformly should ensure the width also is adjusted accordingly. so for example, If you are 6 foot 4 inches tall (193cm) you would scale the parts UP 112% The best idea is to rescale one of the arms and print that first. They are the simplest and fastest prints and will give you an immediate idea of scale on the body you are printing for.

Please send us a message if you would like to know more.

This is a fan-made representation.
We are in no way affiliated licensed
by Disney or LucasArts.


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mick-w99 wrote
Thanks for the amazing price. Can't wait to start printing.
kaween wrote
People, if you have just one active braincel left, press that "buy" button right now. At this price, not doing so is madness : 10USD for a model as detailed and high quality as this, I could not believe it. I'm looking forward to that Master Blaster weapons pack, and I would very much like to see a good Clone Trooper/Republic Commando type of armor, inclusive the iconic weapons for such setups like a modular DC17m. (hint hint nudge nudge).
darkpain714 wrote
Very nice! I'm shrinking this down to 90% for my wife and son. So far so good! Thanks a bunch and PLEASE keep up the AMAZING work :)
Geoffro replied to darkpain714
Thanks for the kind words, proud to be providing suits to a new generation :)
JKlucznik2020 wrote
When will the Master Blaster Weapons pack come out? Will it have the Death Trooper DLT-19 and the new E-11?
Geoffro replied to JKlucznik2020
Very soon, just finishing the classic trooper outfit with classic e-11 then new blaster pack
JKlucznik2020 wrote
I bought the model and could not open the instruction manual. Is there another way for me to acquire the instructions?
Geoffro replied to JKlucznik2020
It is a PDF file.. standard bog stock PDF, so not sure why it wont open for you. The images in the PDF are the images above you see in the assembly instructions - i.e they are already here for you.
m-ward183020 wrote
How do you get a custom print?
kurtykod wrote
hi. i want to buy this armor, but im 5'2. how much would you guys recommend i scale it down to? also, does this armor come with a attachment manual for putting the finished pieces together? i need it so i can walk around with out a issue. thx, kurtykod
Geoffro replied to kurtykod
Hi, I would scale to about 95%, try the forearms first!
abdullah-masri89 wrote
Hi Bro! I just snagged me one to build! first I wanna thank you for being so generous, it seems thanks giving still ON! May I ask for your recommendation as well for 5.7", what scale do you recommend? and I'm actually writing to you after I directly bought it and still didn't download the files, but may I ask you if you have the model un-sliced ? my build plate is 30cm X 30 CM X 60 CM, thus I think some of the parts can be printed either in once piece or sliced less, if you may provide me with the original one and I will scale it first to my heigh then slice it my self, thank you man really appreciate it, and happy thanx giving!
michaelward45 wrote
I was wondering what I should scale the armor down to? I am 5'5''
Geoffro replied to michaelward45
Try a small amount first, like 98%. Print the forearms / biceps first, they are the most crucial fit to ensure you can move bend your elbows freely.
inkydinki wrote
This is so amazing thank you so much! Noob question: what do you recommend to use to attach the pieces together?
jason-hitchcock-1 wrote
I have finished printing out and assembling the Helmet so far. I have it rough sanded, and will fill/prime it in the next couple days. It came out really nice thanks to the great model Geoffro has created. I have also printed out the Left Bicep as a test to see if I might need to scale the model to fit me. The glue is still drying on this piece, but it came out just as nice as the helmet. I'm excited to finish up more pieces, and to get some paint on them!!
Geoffro replied to jason-hitchcock-1
Thanks Jason, great to hear, can't wait to see the finished suit! my printers are all still whizzing away at it also
saulton7 wrote
Hello! I recently purchased this 3D model and I must say I LOVE IT. But I have a much larger printer then what you cut the parts for and I was hoping I could get the uncut files as a whole so that I may cut them for myself. If you need verification of sorts let me know Thanks!
neilnerona wrote
Just purchased this and will be printing this weekend. Might have to re-scale to my height and built. I'm 5'7" and medium built. Any scale % that you can suggest will be awesome! Also, can you do Boba Fett? Would be great to have a full size, complete armor/suit.
seethatiamable wrote
hello! I currently don't have a printer, but i do like this armor. could i ask you to print the small pieces of the armor, and pay you extra??? Please let me know, and if so, your estimate. thx!
Geoffro replied to seethatiamable
Hi can you please send me a message here, or I will send you one.
seethatiamable replied to Geoffro
Hi, Geoffro. I basically trying to decide if I should buy Prusa printer (the ETA on their web. is 8 weeks) or have some one else print the armor for me. Could you give me your opinion on Prusa and an cost estimate if you would print it for me ? Tx.
lucdiamond wrote
Will you make a fully printable shoretrooper costume?
Geoffro replied to lucdiamond
Yes, Storm trooper next, hopefully Shore after that.
dpchiang1 wrote
Hi Geoffro! I'm really interested in purchasing the files so I can begin printing the suit. However, could you give me a rough estimate of how many rolls of 1kg filament I would have to buy in order to completely finish printing the suit? Or how many grams this entire suit weighs? Also, do the parts that are pre-cut fit into a (200mm, 200mm, 180mm) print bed?
Geoffro replied to dpchiang1
I would say 4-5 rolls
Dolphin-GS wrote
lordelden wrote
How large would you scale this to for somebody 6' 1"? Also, would this be 501st certifiable?
Geoffro replied to lordelden
You should be fine at 6'1, no need to scale. It is to 501 spec.
ejrusso wrote
I want to download this and print for my son for Comic Con Denver. How long did it take most of you to print?
Geoffro replied to ejrusso
It depends alot on how you print it. Since sanding and painting is pretty much a standard for printed costumes, you don't need to print in a really high resolution. To print normally, with a standard infill of about 10% you are looking at over 100 hours. The helmet alone is around 25-30 hours. I used to print fine and sand it, but now I actually print at about 0.3 and then use smooth-on XTC to smooth the print before I do any finishing, this eliminates 99.9 percent of any sanding I would have needed to normally. I wouldn't normally endorse a product, but the XTC stuff really is worth it's weight in gold - it has made both my prints look 100 times better (it literally fills in all layer lines and makes the model look like a resin cast) and you dont need much of it at all - I have managed to do an entire suit and not use the whole bottle.
kirkstuckless96 wrote
I just started printing my suit and I love it! Just wondering if there is any pictures of someone wearing the completed suit?
lushimitsu wrote
Hi there! Thank you for your excellent model. Would it be possible to provide parts like the helmet as a single non-sliced file? I got a new printer that can print bigger parts in one go and that would help me a lot.
gjk wrote
if your 5 ft 9 how would I do the height ratios.
fraktilfilth wrote
Would you be able to upload some renders of the parts before they are sliced. I find it awkward to make out some of the detail. Thanks in advance
3dcad wrote
Very nice model! Thank you for sharing!
searoc wrote
I brought this awhile back and i have a cr-10 printer do you have these files uncut or at least for a bigger printer
sfxart wrote
I purchased this kit. Is this DT new Helmet that comes with this kit available at a whole complete stl instead of parts? Thanks
apexson wrote
Are there plans to create a scope to attach to the helmet?
jedimcca wrote
Geoffro. Can you split the v2 torso into cr-10 size pieces. thanks.
jedimcca wrote
Does anyone have a cut v2 torso
Geoffro replied to jedimcca
uploading cut version for it today, sorry for the delay!
al95 replied to Geoffro
Thanks for uploading V3 toso, it's perfektly cut!
jedimcca wrote
Thanks for cutting the new torso. Another question. Can you re-split/redesign the shins to be a two piece front / back clam shell type that attaches with Velcro. Love this armor. Other than reprinting the torso, the shins are the only thing left to print.
jedimcca wrote
where did you put the files?
franjevka777 wrote
Very good
deadspeak2007-1 wrote
Hi Awesome file set. already printing! Is there a way to have the whole of the forearms split as per parts 1a/1b that way i can then just have 2 halfs that i can velco together. The overall size is fine for my wrists, but my hands are to big to go through the opening and i i scales up the size would be too large. Are there separate files for the V2 torso in the same cut types sizes available? Great work though. Thanks
Geoffro replied to deadspeak2007-1
Hi, just message me and I can attach files there, thanks.
mbeattie18 wrote
how does this scale to a petite (grin) 6 foot 275lb 50'+ chest 42' waist? will I need to scale up and if so by how much approximately?
Geoffro replied to mbeattie18
It's scaled for that height, I suggest printing the forearms first and see how they fit, the chest may need to be manually adjusted but it's not a 5 second job.
Geoffro replied to mbeattie18
This is scaled for a 6 foot person, to alter the suit ensure you re-scale each piece with the same %. 160cm Tall : Scale all Parts to 86% 165cm Tall : Scale all Parts to 90% 170cm Tall : Scale all parts to 92.7% (93% should be ok also) 175cm Tall : Scale all parts to 97.8% 180-183cm cm Tall - Leave as is. As you can see, from the rough scale it is about 5-6% per 5 centimetres in height. Scaling the part uniformly should ensure the width also is adjusted accordingly. so for example, If you are 6 foot 4 inches tall (193cm) you would scale the parts UP 112%
al95 wrote
The new Torso v3 looks like it would be a little bit smaller, does it fit anyway to the rest of the whole stuff (not scaled) or do I have to rescale it to match it to the other parts?
Geoffro replied to al95
no, it is the exact same size but this version. there is actually more space considering the back now blends with the backpack seamlessly, so there is actually more space inside, same outside and less plastic to waste. The old version there was a lumpy part in the back (which I stupidly put in to help it fit thinner people better) but it took too much plastic, so now the inside of the back cavity is uniform with the shape of the back. Maybe the pictures made it look smaller, sorry - but I assure you the scale of it is identical to all the other Torso versions, as they were all cast from the same mesh.
druckstuhl wrote
Hi i bought your plans and need support informations from you I don't know which sizes of the body armor would be perfect for me Please try to contact me asap. :D
mgbatlaw wrote
I just finished printing my first piece at .2 layer level. Exceptional quality model (at least first piece) if they all print like this I won't have nearly as much sanding as I first anticipated.
deadspeak2007-1 wrote
Hi Felt i needed to post on here as i'm getting no response via messenger. I wanted to raise concerns over the thickness on the models. Whilst you sate that a thickness of 3mm, i have been printing with no adjustments to the files and yet i am getting basic areas such as fore arm/shoulder bell etc 8,9 and in some cases 11mm way over expected.
Geoffro replied to deadspeak2007-1
I don't use facebook messenger alot sorry. We will work on the thickness of your pieces and rework it.
thorstenselle wrote
Unfortunately the files are not correct !! Breastplate not Correct. Biezp not correct .... Pressure parts too thick money not worth it. if it is not suitable for 501 CRL
Geoffro replied to thorstenselle
The chest was completely updated and the biceps are accurate. If I make the parts less than 3mm thick - the thing is just too flimsy to wear. If you seriously want a thinner suit contact me privately and we will sort that out but I warn you now, you are going to be cracking pieces just bending over to pick something up. If you start at 3mm by the time you sand and polish you are probably down to 2.5 to 2mm.. and even a vac formed suit would be no less than 3mm. Is this your first set of armor you have printed?
i-roblesmelendez wrote
Do they send you the pieces printed or you have to print them? I got no printer
Geoffro replied to i-roblesmelendez
You are buying the files, prints need to be ordered through our website sorry they don't facilitate that here. A printed suit is a lot more costly however.
Geoffro replied to witchking1066
If you click on my name the link should be available there, they get a bit funny here about giving links in messages and comments.
drran wrote
The forearms flair out unlike most actual representations of the Deathtrooper and I was wondering if there is a fix for that. Also I made the mistake of printing the chest pieces from your file that contains all pieces and not separately printing the updated model so I suggest updating your complete zip to have the new versions not old. Updating that file to actually have all the updated and correct parts you need to print prevents disasters like mine. The shins are much too thick. I have incredible respect for what you have created here because it is a masterpiece and the price you sell it at is phenomenal these are just constructive criticisms.
Geoffro replied to drran
Sorry about that, I will remove the old chest files, you are right they should not be in there to avoid mistakes. Im updating the shins and forearms this week, please check back in a day or so for the new versions.
drran replied to Geoffro
I'm back able to finish printing the armor starting tommorow, and I was wondering if you ended up fixing the shins and forearms? If so thats awesome
rodnie74 wrote
are you going to upload the full helmet .stl too ?
Geoffro replied to rodnie74
The full helmet should be in the archive? if not sorry, im upgrading a few of the files here at the moment I will make sure its in there. New shins coming also new forearms.
rodnie74 replied to Geoffro
The full helmet v3 stl.its not inside geoffro
Geoffro replied to rodnie74
I will send you a link in a PM with it so you don't have to wait for me to update the pack
mgbatlaw wrote
Hey all. I was having a problem with the "bumpack" For some reason the outer shell just would not print no matter how I sliced it. Tried Slic3r and Cura. Tried the MK3 and the Anet. So I just thought that I would post my "fix". I took the bumpack and threw it into tinkercad and made it a "hole". I tucked that into a box and combined them to make a mold. Then I made that a box, put it into another box and combined that. Cut away the excess and Viola solid bumpack :) Probably not the most elegant solution but I'm no artist and it worked.
wedelbrock wrote
Thank you so much for your amazing work. I appreciate your help with uncut pieces also. The pieces I have printed already look amazing and I'm looking forward to finishing. Thanks again!
GAF wrote
nanagla wrote
Hello, I'm looking to print that and looking to buy a 3D printer that goes with it and other projects. What printer size would you recommend ? Many thanks !


wrg181 has given the model a positive rating
Great quality, and great directions.
sbrimmers has given the model a positive rating
Nice Model still printing, so far no problems. Thank you för providing this
ohemsley20 has given the model a positive rating
Highly Detailed model with an easy guide to assembly of both 3D printouts and the finished design itself. Couldn't recommend enough!
bamabat has given the model a positive rating
Files have a tremendous amount of detail. You get several versions and even one file with everything in it but make sure you print the version you want. I like that for the most part the layout is ready to print, some files are not 100% located to the bed on the first layer so just check, some torso pieces in V2 had to be lowered 0.5 to give me a good first layer. Printed great and even though the size is a bit small for my printer it works really well. I will be buying another file or two from this seller. Great Job!
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