EVERYPlant Compact-Leafed Sigillaria EXT --24 Models--

EVERYPlant Compact-Leafed Sigillaria EXT --24 Models-- 3D model

Name: Compact-Leafed Sigillaria

Scientific: Sigillaria densifolia

About this Package: This package contains an extended and extensive series of staged models representing the entire lifecycle of a single plant. It includes staged models for maturity and health. There are a total of 24 models. This same species can also be founded in 12 seperate variations containing a subset of these staging models (and may also contain some additional model variations); look for them in the EVERYPlant store. The exact plant variation in this extended package is unique and cannot be found in any of the other package.

Habitat: Extinct tree-sized lycopsids from the late Carboniferous to the early Permian Period (about 380 to 255 million years ago). It appears to have preferred the mineral soils of river floodplains. This preference for better-drained soils may have allowed it to survive the drying of the great coal swamps that led to the extinction of many tree-sized lycopsids during the middle of the Pennsylvanian Epoch (318 to 299 million years ago).

Range: Fossils have been found in Great Britain, United States, Canada, China, Korea, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Notes: Sigillaria had a single trunk, which in older plants often branched to a characteristic Y-shape. Very old plants may further branch. The trunk lacked wood, or had a very slender layer only. Support came from a layer of closely packed leaf bases just below the surface of the trunk, while the center of the trunk was filled with pith. The trunk had photosynthetic tissue on the surface, meaning that it was probably green. Long, thin leaves grew in a spiral along the trunk but persisted only near its growing tip; on lower portions of the plant, where the leaves had fallen off, characteristic polygonal leaf scars remained.

Included in this Package: 24 models in total


  1. Seedling -- 37,410 polygons -- 3.22m tall. The plant is emerging and at its earliest stage.
  2. Sapling -- 40,607 polygons -- 4.54m tall. Very small and young plant just developing its true leaves.
  3. Formative -- 46,360 polygons -- 6.55m tall. Plant is beginning to develop into its maturing form. Branches are emerging.
  4. Immature -- 55,216 polygons -- 8.85m tall. Plant is small and hasn't reached its mature aspect.
  5. Developing -- 78,548 polygons -- 12.96m tall. Gaining its mature aspect and beginning to develop into its final form.
  6. Young -- 113,168 polygons -- 15.95m tall. Smaller plant some half way through it's maturing cycle.
  7. Growing -- 146,457 polygon -- 17.55m tall. Plant is now in its mature aspect and growing.
  8. Young Mature -- 173,942 polygons -- 18.71m tall. Fully matured but not at its full height yet.
  9. Growing Mature -- 207,882 polygons -- 19.41m tall. Plant is in its final form, but still growing.
  10. Mature 400,119 polygons -- 24.37m tall. Fully mature and grown.
  11. Old -- 411,948 polygons -- 25.88m tall. Larger, growing more twisted.
  12. Ancient -- 711,374 polygons -- 32.24m tall. A very old plant, larger than normal, considerably gnarled, and with heavier, drooping branches.


  1. Flourishing -- 399,793 polygons -- 24.37m tall. Plant is in 100% health with no damage or disease.
  2. Thriving -- 399,895 polygons -- 24.37m tall. Plant is great health with very little damage or disease.
  3. Healthy -- 400,119 polygons -- 24.37m tall. In a normal stage of health with some minor damage or disease.
  4. Robust -- 400,569 polygons -- 24.37m tall. Plant is showing some damage and disease, but is still doing well.
  5. Distressed -- 401,033 polygons -- 24.37m tall. Showing an increased level of foliage damage and disease, as well as missing and broken branches.
  6. Declining -- 399,611 polygons -- 24.37m tall. Further decline in health resulting in more disease, damage and broken branches.
  7. Unhealthy -- 393,923 polygons -- 24.38m tall. In a relatively poor state with much of its foliage missing or diseased.
  8. Withering -- 382,555 polygons -- 24.33m tall. In steep decline, reaching the point of no return.
  9. Dying -- 370,423 polygons -- 24.33m tall. Tree is just hanging onto life and showing only unhealthy and diseased foliage.
  10. Morbid -- 284,064 polygons -- 23.67m tall. At the point of death.
  11. Dead -- 84,087 polygons -- 8.8m tall. Showing only bare and broken branches and dead foliage. It's trunk may be broken.
  12. Dead and Uprooted -- 84,200 polygons -- 5.07m tall. Dead tree that has fallen onto it's side.

Re-meshing available upon request, eg adaptive mesh for lower poly count (this is the default setting and is as supplied), uniform mesh for easier editing, strict quads, tris, mixed, poly increase or decrease, etc. No charge to existing customers of the product.

Many other modifications to models also available upon request. No charge to existing customers of the product.

The textures included in this pack are mainly 4k (4096x4096) to cater for detailed renders, this is the default map size and is included in each of the file format download files, no need for seperate downloads. However these may be slow to load or render on some system and may not be necessary in all situations. To allow for this, medium 2k, small 1k, and tiny <1k textures are also available and may be downloaded alongside the various model formats. Different texture sizes can simply be swapped in or out by copying the Maps sub-folder; no need to manipulate the materials in your editor. Please use whichever best suites your system and needs.

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EVERYPlant Compact-Leafed Sigillaria EXT --24 Models--
Royalty Free License 
EVERYPlant Compact-Leafed Sigillaria EXT --24 Models--
Royalty Free License 
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3D Model formats

  • OBJ (.obj, .mtl)615 MB
  • Collada (.dae)584 MB
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx)641 MB
  • Textures Medium 2K395 MBVersion: Medium 2KVersion: Small 1KVersion: Tiny Less 1K

3D Model details

  • Publish date2020-09-17
  • Model ID#2611106
  • Animated
  • Rigged
  • VR / AR / Low-poly
  • PBR
  • Geometry Polygon mesh
  • Polygons 400,119
  • Vertices -
  • Textures
  • Materials
  • UV Mapping
  • Unwrapped UVs Overlapping
  • Plugins used