3D Scifi Base Vol 1 VR / AR / low-poly 3D model

3D Scifi Base Vol 1 is a cool modular kit (Unity 5) to help you to create some space bases structures, for your survival planet games or spaceship scenes!

More than 200 prefabs and a cool example map are provided.You can create many types of structures! Take a look on the video to see a map with a spacebase exterior/interior example. You can create simples structures or more complex, with multiple floors!

4K PBR textures and ID maps are included! (AO, normal, ID, diffuse, metalness...)

The kit is very easy to use and many prefabs ares provided. Do not forget to read the FAQ before!
The kit is NOT optimized for mobiles.

Update 1.2 Online :
- Quick update for Unity 2017.
- Random Door Bug fix, thanks to Ilia.
- Power Shield generator added.
- Force field script/shader added.
- Electric pylon added.
- Basin added.
- Reactor for shields.


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zro7 wrote
Are you considering making an Unreal 4 package of this artwork? It would save a ton of time for me and I believe it could bring more interest to this amazing product.
barking-dog replied to zro7
Hi :) I have try to convert one of my product to unreal, but i guess that the engine is absolutly no user friendly... I break my head with everything i try to import/modify... For this reason, i have stop my investigation on the unreal engine (i find that a very good engine, but absolutly not user friendly) Regards
wing688 replied to barking-dog
Oh well.. I bought it but then I will have to convert your work myself to use it with Unreal Engine then so it seems...
barking-dog replied to wing688
Hi Here is a video made by one of my users to help you to convert it : https://youtu.be/lKrz7TzkA5I
wing688 replied to barking-dog
I checked his video, he uses a tool to extract textures and fbx files from the Unity package. But you have made the FBX files already available with textures.. and materials effects must be redone from scratch in UE4 with no direct conversion from Unity possible. So why not using your FBX and textures files directly instead of extracting from the Unity package? Am I missing something there ? Or when he did the video you weren't offering the FBX files for direct download ?
barking-dog replied to wing688
Hi I don't know?? Maybe he won't install unity, and the user prefer unpack the package without unity...
joure-v replied to barking-dog
I think it's a lack of knowledge, not the lack of it being user friendly. I'd be happy to help convert some of the stuff to unity for you. I can buy the assets but I might require assistance regarding certain stuff. I can set up a proper Unreal project with interactive stuff and whatnot which I can use as a base myself. Let me know if you're interested before I buy this thing.
creepycat replied to joure-v
Unreal engine is not really easy to understand compare to unity... Unity is really a production engine.
joure-v replied to creepycat
I don't have the knowledge to go into comparisons and I also do not believe that it's a matter about one being better than the other. Personally I love the pipeline UE4 offers. To me it's as versatile as I need it to be, I would assume that I would get annoyed going into Unity but that's because I am used to the workflow. I think that's why people think one is better then the other while it boils down to being preference. I hate this one is better then the other mentality. A friend of mine who's an engine programmer and has many experiences throughout a number of engines has stated how much more user friendly UE4's is in terms of how all the engine parts are module based. It's easier to mess up in unity because of it's non-centralized aspect when it comes to those aspects. So yeah. I don't think there's a debate to be had. The only real difference is that Unity has more active developers from what I can tell, which doesn't equate to one being better than the other either.
barking-dog replied to joure-v
ideally if I wanted to start selling things on the unreal engine, it would require a complete conversion of unity package to unreal, which includes the map too, and this is my biggest problem ... because the map is very very long to do.
joure-v replied to barking-dog
I just got the pack, I'm gonna take a look at it. Regarding the Island, terrain, do you have a height map by any chance? It'd be a doozy to import it. I'm gonna create a new project and port some of the things into ti and just see what I can do with it. :)
barking-dog replied to joure-v
Hi Unfortunaly not, I don't have the height map (because directly made on unity). But if you download unity and you load the project with it, click on the terrain and in the inspector (at right) if I remember you can import/export height map :)
torquemod-1 wrote
Absolutely fantastic set at an incredible price! The models are all of fantastic quality, great looking for AAA quality but also incredibly optimized so they'll perform well on mobile even if you just lower the resolution on the 4K textures. I'm not using the set in Unity so I can't comment on the prefabs, but based on the meshes and textures alone (fantastic normal maps btw) I can't recommend this set enough! Also the support is fantastic too, the author answered my email within a few hours of posting. 9/10 overall.
barking-dog replied to torquemod-1
Many thanks for the review :) Greatly appreciated :)
fima32 wrote
База мне эта очень нравится
mekagraphics wrote
barking-dog is a true artist! Response is prompt and accommodating and his efforts are very apparent in his great models.And the prices are exceptional!
jaeungjob wrote
very! very!! nice
creepycat replied to jaeungjob
Yeah very cool package :)
sinabro0655 wrote
very nice!
hknoblauch wrote
Incredible 3D content!
knittel wrote
Really nice models including an example world in unity at an affordable price. I purchased it and don't regret it. Support to my (actually very stupid question) was within a few minutes and super friendly. All in all, I can only recommend this model.
barking-dog replied to knittel
Many thanks for the rank and the review :) Really appreciated :) Regards
carlwhite-vh wrote
many great assets!
yohannes21 wrote
that's a very good detail
smanor wrote
very nice looking
creepycat replied to smanor
Yeah very nice!
Edit-Poly wrote
Nice One..
3DElement wrote
kathrecha wrote
whole another level
yarikbro wrote
nahtei wrote
so cool
Pratik-3D-Artist wrote
Great... Very Nice...!!!
valeriia wrote
amazing work


swcomp has given the model a positive rating
Nicely done! Just what I needed. Lots of models to work with. Textures look ok when scaled to 1024 for WebGL.
arkadia has given the model a positive rating
good modular kit, clean textures, well done!
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  • Unity 3D 2017.1 (.unitypackage) 545 MB
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More details
  • Publish date2017-03-08
  • Model ID#701509
  • Animated No
  • Rigged No
  • VR / AR / Low-poly Yes(approved)
  • PBR Yes(approved)
  • Geometry Polygon mesh
  • Polygons 0
  • Vertices -
  • Textures Yes
  • Materials Yes
  • UV Mapping Yes
  • Unwrapped UVs Overlapping
  • Plugins used No