Spanish Modern Modular Villa Assets - Complete kit VR / AR / low-poly 3D model

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Spanish Modern Modular Villa Assets - Complete kit low-poly 3d model ready for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), games and other real-time apps.

**The exact rendered mansion from the pictures is added as an unreal engine 4 save folder as a free extra download and doesn't have any collission pre-installed**

Build your own very detailed low poly houses/villas/mansions with a classic spanish exterior and very modern interior featuring matching furniture and foliage quick and easy with this ''SHC SPANISH MODERN Kit''

The mansion in the images demonstrates what is possible with these assets and is added to this kit for free! (the mansion is valued at $92.53)
It can be used as a tutorial house to see how the constructive parts are fit together.
You are also free to use and modify the featured house however you want!
Technical details: (some technical details are shown in the images too)

- The lighting in the SketchFab 3D preview has a lower quality render because it has to be web based

- The constructive parts are designed to fit perfectly on a 2x2m grid.

- The wall parts are only 1 meter tall, this makes comples split level designs possible.

- Every single asset (exept for the complete mansion) has 2 UVmaps:
1. materials
2. non-overlapping and optimised for lightmapping.

- Every asset has it's own file and textures.

- The mansion is grouped per material (51 objects)

- The mansion has 1,900,216 verticles and 2,499,752 polygons.

- Polycounts for all assets are visible at the images on this page.

- The renders are made in Unreal Engine 4. (first image is rendered in Blender)

- File extensions for all assets:

- All files (exept for .blend and .skp) are exported from blender with default settings.
This asset pack is made out of building components and furniture that fits perfectly together with their textures/materials, sizes, and level of detailing. All parts are low-poly so it can be used in high amounts in big models for game development or other purposes.

The SHC Spanish Modern pack can be used to create large detailed modular 3d scenes in very little time and combines realistic graphics and realtime performance very effective.

For any questions, help or information, feel free to contact me!



Arched Glass Door
Arched Wall 1
Arched Wall 2
Bush 1
Bush 2
Concrete Floor
Concrtete Floor With Light
Concrete Ledge
Concrete Ledge Corner
Concrete Stairs
Concrete Stairs For Split Level
Concrete Wall
Double Doorway
Drained Concrete Floor
Drained Concrete Floor With Light
Exterior Arched Doors
Exterior Arched Doors Large
Exterior Arched Doors Sloped
Exterior Arched Window
Garage Door
Glass Door
Glass Fence
Glass Floor
Glass With Doors
Ground Leaves
Interior Arch
Interior Arch Sloped
Interior Arched Doors
Interior Wall Opening
Large Arched Glass
Large Arched Glass With Doors
Large Exterior Arch
Medium Exterior Arch
Outside Lamp Post
Pool Water
Roof Part 1
Roof Part 2
Roof Part 3
Roof Part 4
Roof Part 5
Roof Part 6
Roof Part 7
Roof Part 8
Roof Part 9
Roof Part 10
Roof Part 11
Roof Part 12
Roof Part 13
Roof Part 14
Roof Part 15
Roof Part 16
Roof Part 17
Roof Part 18
Roof Part 19
Roof Part 20
Roof Part 21
Roof Part 22
Roof Part 23
Single Doorway
Sloped Glass Fence
Sloped Skylight
Small Exterior Arch
Spanish Wall
Spanish Wall Corner
Spanish Wall Sloped 1
Spanish Wall Sloped 2
Spanish Wall With Light
Stair Rail
Swimming Pool Wall
Tall Window
Terrace Cover Part 1
Terrace Cover Part 2
Terrace Cover Part 3
Terrace Floor
Terrace Floor With Light
Window 1
Window 2
Window 2 With Shutters
Window 3
Wooden Door
Wooden Floor Wooden Floor With Light


Art 1
Art 2
Art 3
Art 4
Art 5
Art 6
Bar Large
Bar Small
Bathroom Sink
Bedside Table
Beige Denim
Black Denim
Blue Denim
Brown Denim
Cinema Seats
Coffee Table
Desk Chair
Dining Table 1
Dining Table 2
Dinner Chair
Extractor Hood
Foot Bench
Hanging Towel
Kitchen Cabinet Large
Kitchen Cabinet Small
Kitchen Island
Kitchen Sink
Large Barrel
Room Plant
Terrace Seat
Toilet Sink
White Denim
Wine Shelf
Yellow Denim

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Available formats
  • 3D Studio (.3ds) (2 files) -
  • Alembic (.abc) (3 files) -
  • Collada (.dae) (3 files) -
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx) (3 files) -
  • OBJ (.obj) (3 files) -
  • X3D (.x3d) (3 files) -
  • Sketchup (.skp) (3 files) -
  • Blender (.blend) (3 files) -
  • Alias/WaveFront Material (.mtl) (3 files) -
  • Agisoft Photoscan (.ply) (2 files) -
  • Stereolithography (.stl) (3 files) -
  • UnrealEngine (.uasset) 1.52 GB
More details
  • Animated No
  • Rigged No
  • VR / AR / Low-poly Yes
  • Geometry Polygon mesh
  • Polygons 88,064
  • Vertices 54,636
  • Textures Yes
  • Materials Yes
  • UV Mapping Yes
  • Unwrapped UVs Non-overlapping
  • Plugins used No