25 Photorealistic Landscape 3D Renderings: If Only Those Places Existed

April 24th, 2014

25 Photorealistic Landscape 3D Renderings: If Only Those Places Existed

After freezing cold winter finally came long waited spring. Just several steps separate us from the summertime all of us are dreaming about. Summer season for some of us means laying at the beach on the seaside, for others – riding a bike to work, going to the village for a rest, gathering berries in the forest, travelling abroad: climbing the mountains or maybe visiting exotic places.

Unfortunately, those several steps are still separating us from the warmest season through the year. Therefore, today one of the options what can be done is watching pictures of the extraordinary or maybe just simple, but extremely cozy places. Those places, which we will guide you through, are created by computer graphics artists. They cannot be found on our planet, but who says that traveling in your dreams is not traveling?

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40 Mindblowing Sci-Fi 3D Renderings: The Universe In CGI

March 14th, 2014

40 Mindblowing Sci-Fi 3D Renderings: The Universe In CGI

The life looks quite normal out here on Earth. Meanwhile, a battle is still happening out there in the future. A battle for Space. Polyguardians and Enraged Verticians are in a ferocious fight which will end in the 17th of March, 2014. 3D Sci-Fi Challenge is still going on. You still can upload your work and take a part in this battle for Universe. We decided to surf through the worldwideweb and pick some of the finest Sci-Fi 3D renderings.

This is what we have found - a bunch of space creatures, amazing vehicles and breathtaking space environment, created by talented professional CG designers. So, focus your lenses, calibrate your vision, we are stepping into the reality of the future. We are stepping out to the Space. Meet the most astonishing Sci-Fi 3D renderings made till now.


February 27th, 2013

Grab An Inspiration: 30 Most Photorealistic 3D Renderings

Some people like to highlight that all the glorious art has already been created. Those who say so perhaps forget to count in the endless possibilities of 3D design. Today movies can be filmed in a quarry of stone and 3D designers will add the turquoise sea, verdant pinewood and a surreal house on the shore.

The audience could suspect a house being improved using 3D design technique. But it is much easier to bribe with a landscape selling a matte-painting as the real one. Moreover, 3D designers are passionate to confuse questioning: “What do you think: is this a photograph or the art of 3D?”

This phenomenon is called photorealism. It is like a magic wand that brings a fantasy into the life while is used by a skilled artist. Obtaining render which is indistinguishable from a photograph became the Holy Grail of 3D design since 1960s. The target in this work is to reach perfection. In this particular case it means to imitate the reality to the smallest dots. It requires high level of attention even to the rarest details.

So we want to share our thorough list of the highly professional 3D artwork of photorealism. Hopefully, it will give you new ideas and inspire for the masterpieces.

A Vespid

wasp 3d model, kuanfu sun


February 18th, 2013

Okta-studio: "Only time and budget are limits in 3D"

It is the second floor of a building in the industrial part of Vilnius in Lithuania. There is a bunch of people staring at the computers all day long. In the conference room a dozen of 3D glasses lays on a table. This huge office is the home for a Lithuanian design studio “OKTA” which was responsible for the special effects of commended Lithuanian movie “Vanishing Waves”. Its leader Vitalijus Zukas reveals their everyday cares and a life in between 2D and 3D worlds.

Vitalijus Zukas portrait 3D design studio

Vitalijus Zukas a leader of OKTA-studio


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